IDEAS to make your Mehendi Function more entertaining

  • By Ritesh Jain
  • February 1 2019

In Indian Weddings, pre wedding functions holds so much of importance that are given more attention than the D-Day! The most fun, amongst all is the mehendi function that gives an opportunity to dance and having a gala time with the couple. The key highlight of this function, which makes it more attractive is its décor. Everyday you get to see so many visually-appealing decor ideas that leaves us wondering what else can be done to make it more attractive. It amazes us how the people along with their planners come with some interesting and unique ideas to make this day a success. They put in so much efforts to conceptualise and turn their vision into reality at weddings. You can see this kind of décor in FNP Gardens venues

Here are some ideas that you can inculcate in your mehendi function to make it a hit…

Start with the Fun Games

Mehendi Function is all about having fun- what can be the most interesting way to do it other than games? So you can add some interesting games to indulge your guests and make them a part of the whole celebration. There can be many fun games such as tug of war, a beer pong tournament, paper dance and so on…

Canopies with sunbeds

Nowadays, mehendi functions have a very chill and modern vibe to them. You can choose a nice lawn as your mehendi function venue and add canopies as well as sunbeds to make it look like a chill scene. If you are searching in capital. You can go for one of the nice wedding venues in south Delhi that have lawns and get such kind of décor done there.

Quirky Bar setup

Any wedding function is incomplete without drinks and you must have observed that the bar is the most crowded part of the venue. Thus, it should look attractive in its own way. A bar setup of mehendi function should be in sync with quirky décor that should grab the eyeballs even of those who don’t drink.

Attractive Hashtag

Hashtags are very much in and you should inculcate in your mehendi décor as well. Make it look interesting to match up with the theme of your décor of the mehendi. If you are planning a pool side mehendi then you should place your wedding hashtag in the pool only. If somebody wants to get clicked with the hashtag, they'll have no choice but to get into the pool!

We hope you will love the above mentioned ideas to make your mehendi celebration more entertaining and memorable…

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