Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 5 (Part-2) Karma Sannyaasa Yogah- Yoga of Renunciation of Action

Live as the Gita Teaches You to Live

This  Chapter teaches that renunciation or the detached spirit is the fundamental  principle of all Yogas. All beings experience joy in renunciation. In deep  sleep all beings feel immense happiness by renouncing all their unnatural  superimpositions of personality, whether he is a king or a beggar, because in  that state intellect, mind and senses cease to function unconsciously and go  towards the Self. When one consciously renounces the activities of the senses,  mind and intellect one will surely merge into one's essential nature of the  Supreme Consciousness. Thus renunciation or loss of personality becomes a means  to supreme perfection. This is the glory of wisdom of renunciation. The action  done with freedom from individuality spontaneously unites one with  Universality. Such wise sages see divinity everywhere just like the ocean has  no difference of feelings between one wave and the other. He finds no  distinction in the world of names and forms.

Points to Ponder
1. Explain the concepts:
•The Supreme Self (Prabhuh) neither creates any sense of agency nor does it initiate any action.
•The all-pervading Spirit does not take on the merit or demerit of any.
•Knowledge is enveloped in ignorance and hence beings get deluded.
2. How does one get established in equanimity?
3. Who attains Brahman?
4. What are the characteristics of an enlightened  soul?
5. What are the methods to get oneself liberated?
6. Write short notes on:
•Samadarshan i.e. equal vision
•Lotus leaf on water
•Enjoying sense-objects and enjoying one's own Self

Next time we will take up Chapter 6
  Harih Om

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