Sun Worship - Suryopanishad

Benefits of Sun Worship

suuryaabhimukho japtvaa mahaavyaadhibhayaatpramuchyate
alakshmiirnashyati  abhakshyabhakshanaatpuuto bhavati
agamyaagamanaatpuuto bhavati  patitasambhaashhanaatpuuto bhavati
asatsambhaashhanaatpuuto bhavati
madhyaahne suuraabhimukhah patheth
sadyotpanna pajnchamahaapaatakaatpramuchyate
saishhaan saavitriin vidyaan na kijnchidapi na

If this mantra is recited facing the Sun one is released from the fear of great diseases; his poverty perishes. He becomes free from various sins like eating forbidden food, having forbidden sexual relations, indulging in conversation with people having no character.

At midday if one recites this facing the Sun he is released from the five great sins. He should be careful not to impart this Savitri Vidya to undeserving people.

ya etaam mahaabhaagah praatah pathati sa bhaagyavaajnjaayate
pashuunvindati  vedaartham labhate
trikaalametajjaptvaa kratushataphalamavaapnoti  yo hastaaditye
japati sa mahaamrityum tarati ya evan veda
ityupanishhath… harih aum

He who recites at dawn becomes fortunate, gets live-stock, masters Vedas; reciting during the three periods (dawn, mid-day and dusk) he gets the fruit of performing hundred Yagnas; reciting when the Sun is in Hasta Nakshatra he conquers death.

It is believed even in modern medical science that regular daily prayer to Surya or performing Surya Namskars is deemed to cure all incurable diseases, improve eye-sight, bestow long life, remove ignorance leading to Brahmic knowledge, defeat all inimical forces, grant  bliss by eradicating all sorrows or negative thoughts.

It is indeed a tool for leading a positive life.

iti suuryopanishhatsamaaptaa ..
Thus ends the Suuryopanishad.

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