Siva Mahima Stotra

  • By Lalita Ramakrishna
  • February 4 2021

Siva Mahima Stotra has 43 verses. Articles takes some important lines.  “Ever since, the Siva Mahimna Stotra has remained very popular among the devotees of Siva and it is considered one of the best among all stutis offered to the Lord. The stotra is so powerful that it can uplift a sincere supplicant to spiritual heights. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, th the 19 century saint, is said to have delved into samadhi just by reciting a few verses from this hymn. Towards the end, Pushpadanta gives a phala-sruti, saying that this hymn, which is dear to Siva is capable of removing all sins.”

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