Seven Essential Bridal Pieces of Jewellery and Their Significance

  • By Niyati Shah
  • May 31, 2022

A wedding is a special day for any bride and she wants to look her best to make it memorable. She starts planning for it months earlier to make sure she looks nothing less than a princess. A bridal trousseau is not just about choosing the most stunning outfit or getting the best accessories. Brides need to bring a vibrant outfit, matching jewellery, and spot-on makeup together. The trickiest of them all is selecting exquisite accessories that spew elegance and class.


Each Indian bridal jewellery, from nose ring to anklet, has its significance, which makes it an important part of her look for the big day. We have listed the most common pieces of jewellery and explained their importance for a bride. Have a look:


Maang Tika

Starting with a regal Maang Tika, this accessory is worn on the head and placed at the middle parting of the hair. This mesmerizing piece of jewellery completes the bridal look, adding a touch of charm to it. Maang tika has a pendant that falls at the centre of the forehead, which is the place of Ajna Chakra. It symbolizes the holy union of two souls on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. Maang Tika has been an essential part of Indian wedding jewellery traditions for years.


Nose Ring

We now see every bride donning a nose ring on her special day. This traditional jewellery is worn on the left side of the nose by a girl on the day she is tying the knot with her man. It not only has cultural significance for Indian brides but Ayurvedic too.


The accessory is said to be a tribute to Hindu deities and has relevance to the reproductive organs of women. With evolving fashion trends, you can find modern styles of nose rings to spruce up your look.



Surely one of the most favourite accessories for Indian brides is a sophisticated pair of earrings. Every girl or woman has an exclusive collection of earrings to match different attires and fashion trends. But they are not just pretty hoops meant to compliment your look, there is a much deeper reason that every bride adorns them.

According to Hindu traditions, evil spirits can enter a human soul through any opening. Hence, earrings protect brides from all sorts of evil. It is supposed to provide a state of well-being by keeping evil spirits at bay.



Necklaces are an intricate accessory that adds a sense of charm to a bridal look. But more than that, it protects brides from evils spirits. A fine Indian necklace is worn by ladies as a symbol of binding oneself with eternal powers. The gems, chain, stones, beads, and other elements that make a delicate neckpiece bring good luck.



India is known for its countless traditions and rituals and chooda is an integral part of it, especially for newlywed girls and brides-to-be. You can see every Indian bride wearing this one of the favourite Indian wedding accessories, made of gold, glass, or metal. Chooda set mostly includes 21 red and white bangles that must be worn for 40 days to one-and-a-half years after marriage. This ritualistically pertinent jewellery signifies happiness, prosperity, good fortune, and long life for the husband. It is mostly worn by North Indian brides.



Armlets or Bajuband is adorned on the upper part of the arm and is embellished with precious stones and gems. It is a prominent part of the history of jewellery in India, specifically Rajasthan and South India. Brides wear it to keep away negative energy. Also, it is believed that armlets regulate blood circulation.


Toe Rings

Also known as Bichchiya, Toe Rings indicate the marital status of a woman. This auspicious jewellery of India is worn on the second finger of the feet, whose blood vessels are connected to the heart and uterus. Hence, it maintains blood flow and regulates the menstrual cycle.



Payal or anklet is a single chain of gold or silver adorned with trinkets stringed together in intricate designs. The jewellery is believed to help brides/ladies get relief from the pain, weakness, and tinglings in their legs. Also, it regulates blood circulation and cures swollen heels. 



Taking their fashion game up a notch, Indian brides have become trendier these days. However, these authentic and traditional jewellery pieces are still the essence of any bridal trousseau. They not only sparkle your way down the aisle but signify happiness and positivity in your married life


Author Niyati Shah is a content specialist with Aurus Jewels, where she helps the digital team in developing unique, engaging, and informative lifestyle content. She also writes on topics that help define and guide women, especially brides. With her experience in design and fashion, along with her passion for jewellery, she offers insightful value to her readers.


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