Significance of Bridal Mehndi

  • By Swati Kumawat
  • September 26 2019


Mehndi ceremony is considered very important in our Indian culture. It is one of the oldest wedding customs that has been part of Indian weddings since forever. But did you know the significance behind applying bridal mehndi in India? 

Well, the ritual of applying mehndi or henna on the hands of a bride-to-be is considered as shagun (a token of good luck) as per the Indian wedding culture. It is a common belief that an Indian bride’s sola-singhar is incomplete without applying mehndi before her wedding day. Even as per the Indian wedding customs, grooms also need to apply mehndi on their hands for the wedding. So, now you know why mehndi ceremony holds a deep-rooted cultural significance in Indian weddings. 


These days, brides are looking for new mehndi designs for their weddings that can represent cultural significance as well as looks unique. To help out our lovely brides-to-be, we have found a list of more than a hundred Best and Unique Mehandi Designs spotted as 2019’s wedding trend. You can browse the list and select the best mehndi design for your wedding. So without further ado, go and check out the list right now for all the mehndi love! 

Do you know that apart from cultural significance, mehndi represents the deep bond of love and affection between the bride and groom. It is to be believed that darker the mehndi colour comes on a bride’s hand, the more auspicious it is for the bride and groom. Brides also write and hide their groom’s names in between the mehndi design. As it is a part of a fun traditional game where the grooms needs to find their hidden names on the palms of their brides and it is said that the quicker they find the hidden name the more they will love their brides. 

Also, the bridal mehndi designs showcased the importance of Indian wedding rituals. The traditional bridal mehndi involves the beautiful designs showcasing all the wedding day rituals sequence like the baraat with dhol and baja, the bride and groom garlands, the palki/doli designs and so on. Even the new-age bridal mehndi designs incorporate the bride and groom figurines or the portrait images. These days, the brides are also using the personal hashtags in the mehndi designs or opting to depict their proposal story in the mehndi designs, in order to make their bridal mehndi designs stands out.

It’s an Indian tradition for the newly married girls to apply mehndi on their hands post-wedding function as well, like on important occasions such as karva chauth, teej, etc. Because it is a common belief that applying mehndi will bring prosperity in the newly married couple's life and strengthen the love between them. 


Mehndi also holds medicinal properties as per the Indian vedics. It is said that when mehndi is applied on the palms of brides, it will cool down their bodies and help them to relieve the stress before the wedding day madness begins. This all proves that the ritual of applying bridal mehndi before the wedding day holds a lot of significance as per the Indian culture.


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