Kaziranga National Park

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1. Rhino eating grass. Very close, some 30 feet distance.

2. Cultural program performed every evening in season. Very good, must visit. Will have you on your feet, the Folk Dances of Assam.

3. Old musical instruments of Assam in a museum i.e. inside the Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park. Is a must visit. The park is located at a distance of about 2 kms from the Central range of Kaziranga, i.e. Kohora Chariali.

4. Museum inside Biodiversity park has a loom too.

5. Room in Hotel Pragyan Homestay in Kaziranga. Lots of hotels to stay catering to various price points. Assam Tourism has good hotels too.

6. Stand for riding on elephant inside Kaziranga forest. There are numerous entrances to Kaziranga, so make sure you stay close to the entrances.

7. Way to inside the jungle.

8. Tree inside jungle, loved it so clicked. We went in December. It gets cold in the evening.

9. Watch Tower inside Kaziranga.

10. My travelling team since 2008. U can hire a vehicle to travel inside. One has to reach about 6 am to book tickets for vehicle.

11. Siberian Duck.

12. Baby with mother, under training to survive.

13. Beautiful natural road inside Kaziranga Forest.

14. Siberian Duck again.

15. Monitor Lizard.

16. Close up of the great Rhino.

17. Turtle family, lives in lakes inside jungle.

18. Red Lake in Kaziranga. Water colour is really red due to high presence of iron in the water.

19. Rhino inside water.

20. Elephant Safari at 6.30 am.

21. Mesmerizing fog covered morning lake view at Kaziranga.

22. Close up of Rhino.

23. Entry gate of Kaziranga forest.

24. A panoramic view of lake inside Kaziranga forest.

25. A panoramic view of lake inside Kaziranga forest. Read about Folk Dances of Assam as seen in pic 2 https://www.esamskriti.com/e/Culture/Dance/Folk-dances-of-Assam-~-at-Kaziranga-National-Biodiversity-Park-1.aspx

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