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After our wedding it was now time for the reception. We evaluated various options and eventually decided on Mayfair Banquets Worli. The huge north and south halls not to mention the tasty food enticed us to hold the reception there. What you see is the entrance to the banquet hall. The flowers that you see were selected by my friend’s wife Alka Ambo

A view of the entrance lobby. For the reception, Mohan Color Studio Bandra clicked pictures on digital camera. The photography and development of pics are super. To contact them call Sanjiv Bathija at 9820303028.

Even before we had reached the hall there were a couple of bouquets waiting for us. Here is one of them.

The initial plan was to have a DJ. As we came closer to Sept 1 we realized that a DJ might not go well with the setting and get very noisy as well. Music we wanted but what type we were unsure. I spoke to my neighbor Snehal who suggested that we have classical music instead. I knew no such music group so called Pandit Suresh Sharma, the person who solemnized our wedding. He is indeed a resourceful person because within an hour he recommended the name of More Band. Nilesh More came to office and closed the deal. We had a group of five who played the sitar, flute, tabla etc. They played classical music and old Hindi film songs as well. Most guests said that the music added a touch of class to the occasion.

Sanjeev for you. For the first time in my life did I wear a pink shirt and sport a pink tie. A friend’s wife Sonu and wifey Aparna convinced me to change. The suit is stitched by Just Men at Altamount Road Mumbai. They did a super job, trifle expensive though. Call Dhanesh Chheda at 022 23531002 if you like to use their services.

Aparna looked ravishing inspite of the fact that she was recovering from jaundice. Note the orchid blended in her hairdo. Her make up was done by Binita bahen 9821262461 who did a great job.

A beaming Aparna in a pinkish lehenga and Sanjeev against the backdrop of one of the four columns in the banquet hall.

Aparna and Sanjeev together.

With Sanjeev’s family, brother Sunil wife Sweety son Sahil and sister Sonia. Her hubby Ashish missed the bash since he had to look after twin boys Aru and Vir who were unwell and live in Hyderabad currently.

With Aparna’s parents Shri Narendra Mohan Sharma and Smt Usha Sharma.

It is said that in India marriage is not just two individuals coming together but is a coming together / milan of two families. What you see is a group photo with our families.

Another family photograph.

Aparna with her parents.

with Sanjeev’s mother Dr Usha Nayyar.

with Aparna’s cousins Sonu, Seemu, Raju Dada and Mausaji.

with Aparna’s cousin, Deshpande & Rao Uncles.

Left to right are Aparna & Sanjeev’s mothers and Tiwari Aunty.

With Rao Uncle & Aunty.

With cousins Raju Bhaiya & Sonu. The latter flew in from Dubai esp for the reception.

With the Monsanto team, Aparna’s ex colleagues.

With Aparna’s childhood friends Irma & Seshadri. The three of them went to school together in Ujjain.

With Novartis HR colleagues Sangeeth, Zia & Payal.

Since it was Aparna’s birthday on Sept 3 we decided to celebrate her birthday on Sept 1 as well. Instead of wishing her happy birthday Mayfair wished us a rocking married life.

You see Aparna cutting the birthday cake.

Sister Sonia feeding cake to Aparna while Sanjeev looks on.

A cross section of the guests.

Sanjeev feeds Aparna with tender love.

Aparna & Sanjeev’s mother fed him.

a smiling Grandma and Sahil, Sanjeev’s brother’s son.

Sanjeev’s mother Dr Usha Nayar

Another picture of Ma.

Sonia ka pic, she is Sanjeev’s sister.

With Arun & Chaya Sehgal the couple who introduced us and their lovely son Shubhit.

With Sanjeev’s cousin Shipra & Suraj (runs the very popular Mahesh Lunch Home at Juhu).

With the Auli Group. The men in this photograph went together to Auli for a seven-day skiing course. We were strangers on day one but are great pals even eleven years later.

With dear friend Sanjeev and his wife Vandana.

With Shri & Smt Mangal Singh neighbors of Sanjeev where he spent lots of time during his childhood.

With Ma’s very good friend Smt Alwani and Uncle.

With bosom pals Niket and Jayanti Vaidya.

With Seane who came from London esp to be with us

With the full of life and singer pal Ritika.

With Rajib who cut short his Kolkatta trip to be with us.

With good pals Joyita & Micky who helped us with the reception arrangements.

With Dr Reena & Dr Jatin Wani and sister Sonia.

Here is Ma welcoming everyone for Dinner.

With good friends Anil & Alka Ambo and their son Arvind. It was Alka who decided the dinner Menu. Guests really appreciated the choice of food and its taste as well.

An overview of the sumptuous buffet layout.

An overview of the buffet layout.

Guest enjoying the chaat.

With friends Anil Ambo and school pal Vineet.

Guest at the hugely popular chaat counter. We served pani puris, delhi chaat and dahi wada.

Post dinner Sanjeev is surrounded by Aparna’s family and being grilled! Ha ha.

Sanjeev with Auli group pals left to right Navin & Amit

Cousin Sandy from Delhi with sister Sonia.

Now a series of Aparna Sanjeev ka picture captured in different moods.

Both of us.

Aparna models for Colgate showing her well laid out teeth while note the mischief in Sanjeev’s eyes.

Another close up. Note Sanjeev’s moustache

We thank all those guests who came in person and others who were with us in spirit. Please bless us with a blissful and long married life - endless joys! We thank Mayfair Banquets for excellent arrangements and mouth watering food. Their arrangements were impeccable. We thank More Band whose music made the evening different, special and added a touch of class to the evening.

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