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In May 2014 visited Thrissur for Puram festival. About 30 kms away is Thriprayar Sree Rama Temple. Entrance is at extreme left of pic, facing the east. Temple design in Kerala is different from that of the rest of India. In centre of pic roundish structure is the Sanctum.

External view of temple. Loved it.

On right of pic you see Dwajastambha. On important occasions like temple festivals, the flag is hoisted for the duration of the festival. In Guruvayur temple an image of Krishna was on top of the Dwajastambha. Instead here you see CROSS. Saw churches with Deepsthambs or metal oil lamps. This church is enroute to temple. When I expressed surprise locals told me that this is found in churches of all denominations i.e. Catholic, Syrian, Church of South India etc. They added the Indian words are used in lieu of Christian ones i.e. Veda for Bible, Devalaya for Church, Abhishekam for Consecration etc.

A short distance from the Sree Rama Temple is is the famous Sree Sastha temple at Arattupuzha. U see temple entrance.

Over view of temple. Found all temples to be very clean, silent and peaceful. Temple dedicated to Lord Ayappa.

In front the vessel is called PARA. In it is rice with husk. It is made of cane and a traditional measure of offering to the Deity.

Overview of Koodalmanikyam Sree Bharatha Temple i.e. app 25 kms from Thrissur. Left of pic is temple tank. ''Koodalmanickyam is the Malayalam translation of the Sanskrit word Sangameswara.''

Temple festival started just after completion of Thrissurpuram. U see elephants and musicians in later pics. ''The earliest historical reference to Koodalmanikyam Temple is found in a stone inscription attributed to the Chera king Stanu Ravi Varman dated 854 A.D''.

Music is called Chenda Melam or Percussion Rhythm. Instrument on left is called MADDHALAM, on right in mouth is KUZHAL (like the shehnai). ''In 1971, the Government of Kerala, through a special order, took over the administration of the Temple.''

Another view, man bending with brass this is called Ilathalam (hi-hat), extreme right round like thing is called KOMBU. ''The Temple had also been an important centre of nourishment of the Temple Arts like Kathakali, Koothu, Koodiyattom and Thullal''.

Another view of musicians. Temple music is awesome, at times wanted to dance. They play different type of progressions and have different names. Popular ones are Paanchari Melam & Paandi Melam.

During Thrissupuram different and innovative designs of Umbrellas are made and displayed. U see an example. ''The Annual Festival of the Temple held for 11 days in April-May is a well-known popular event in central Kerala''.

Another view. When musicians play the Kombu, boys on who sit on the elephants stand up as you see. ''Koodalmanikyam Temple is the only temple in India dedicated to the worship of Bharata, the second brother of Rama. Today, the presiding deity of Koodalmanikyam Temple near Irinjalakuda is Bharata, the brother of Ram; originally some say it was Bharateswara. the Digambara Jain saint''.

View of musicians from the western side, left is Kuzhal (like shehnai) and right is Maddhalam. Seeing their synchronized efforts was an experience. ''The lord at Koodalmanikyam is Chathurbahu Vishnu with Conch, Chakra, Gada and Japamaala''.

A close up of musicians playing the Kuzhal (like shehnai). ''A distinctive feature of Koodalmanikyam temple is that there is only one single Prathista. Even Vigneswara, usually found in all temples does not find place here''.

A close up view of decorated elephants listening to wonderful Percussion Rhythms. So lucky to be enjoying for years. To see Mukteswara Temple Bhubaneswar, Orissa Click here

In Thrissur and here saw ladies with cards and sometimes parrots. U are supposed to select a card and they predict your future. If I had known Malayalam would have loved to try this. To see pics of Chitrakoot in Madhya Pradesh ie closely associated with Shri Ram Click here

An elephant making its way to the temple. Elephants are worshipped and loved in Kerala - was surprised and happy to see so. To read more about temple Click here

Elephant Emergency and Critical Unit van outside the temple. Before Thrissurpuram elephants go through medical check-up as well. I reached about 10 am by which temple was closed so could not have direct darshan. Have little knowledge of music - in case of any errors in captions do write back. To see pics of Dhurries in Jodhpur Click here

A closer view of the temple. Roundish structure is the central sanctum. To visit temple site Click here

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