Bhagavad Gita- Chap 10 (Part-2) Vibhooti Yogah- Yoga of the Divine Manifestations

Sri  Krishna concludes that nothing can exist without Him, that there is no limit to  His divine manifestations and that He supports the entire Universe by a  fraction of His power.

Live as the Gita Teaches You to Live
  In  this Chapter Arjuna requested The Lord to explain His manifestations, power of  Yoga and His form to meditate upon. Sri Krishna explained the technique for  meditation by citing several examples of His glories on which one has to  concentrate.

In  meditation one will have to take the mind away from the grosser to the subtler  levels of consciousness so as to reach mind's source which is Pure  Consciousness. The mind is always extroverted and feeds on sensory perceptions.  If one gets convinced that He alone exists in everything as its essence (consciousness)  then the mind will begin to perceive the divinity in every being and thing  which is their essential nature. The consciousness within begins to perceive  the consciousness outside without any effort or obstacle. By this way Sri  Krishna teaches that one can always live in God-Consciousness.

Points to Ponder
1. How one can know that which has no beginning and end?
2. What made Sri Krishna to enumerate in so many details His glories?
3. What is the purpose behind this discourse of The Lord?
4. Write short notes on :
a. Buddhi Yoga
b. The single syllable `OM'
c. The alphabet `A'
d. Japa Yagna
e. Pipal Tree
f. Time
g. Death as a leveler and
h. Gayatri

Next  time we will take up Chapter 11.


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