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  •  An engrossing conversation with Dr Joshi, Prof Desiraju, Jayant S and Bhavesh Kansara on STEM.

The Atharva Forum conducted a seminar in New Delhi on the topic of STEM education and research. The Chief Guest was Dr Murali Manohar Joshi, a former Professor of Physics and erstwhile Minister of Education who is credited with bringing in much needed changes in school Textbooks. Prof Gautam Desiraju, an internationally renowned Chemist was the Keynote speaker. He has played a major role in the development and growth of the subject of crystal engineering. Jayant Sahasrabudhe is the National Organising Secretary at Vijnana Bharati. Under his leadership Tech4Sewa initiative has been running successfully. Bhavesh Kansara the fourth speaker is the Managing Director for a Scientific and Engineering simulation company.

An engrossing conversation with Dr Joshi, Prof Desiraju, Jayant S and Bhavesh Kansara on STEM.


STEM a growing movement in education worldwide. STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is an integrated, multi-disciplinary, and student-centred approach to learning that encourages critical thinking, creativity, collaboration across multiple disciplines. STEM education uses a newer model of blended learning that combines traditional classroom learning with online learning and hands-on activities. The model aims to allow students to experience different ways of problem-solving and learning. An important role of STEM education is to help students develop skills that will empower them later on, in the workplace.


India’s ancient education system was prosperous–it was inter-disciplinary, research based and involved active participation of students, equipping them with analytical skills and helped them undertake innovative approaches at the workplace. 


The illustrious panel discussed India’s glorious academic past, it’s the applicability and functionality in today’s world, a brief analysis of the NEP 2020 was done by Bhavesh Kansara. The seminar was well attended by the academic community and various people interested in the current development in the future of education in India post NEP 2020 and the impetus being given to STEM. 


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