Translating Knowledge to Knowhow

  • An engrossing Atharva Conversation with Prof M S Ananth, Dr J K Bajaj, Prof G S Murty and Pranav Vasistha.

The Atharva Forum (a Shiva Sankalpa initiative) in collaboration with the Indian Knowledge Systems Division, Ministry of Education @ AICTE announced a Seminar Series. The inaugural session of this Atharva Forum IKS Series was on - Translating Knowledge to Knowhow, held at the India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi, 20th November 2022.

What is Knowledge? Are Knowledge and Knowhow different? Under what circumstances are we finding the distinction between the two as a matter of concrete reality? What are the implications of such a distinction? Is there any requirement of discernment in relation to the kind of knowledge that requires to be translated to knowhow? How does one get to know it? Is that discernment also part of knowledge?

What of the situation when knowledge and knowhow are both there and are treated as one -- does it indeed lead to translation of knowledge to action? What did our ancestors understand as the nature of knowledge? What do we learn from them regarding accomplishing tasks or getting things done – karya sadhana? What is to be learnt from Bharatiya Jnana Parampara in relation to the nature of actions that need to be done/accomplished? What is the Viveka (discernment) that guides us in the nature of knowledge-knowhow and translation to actions? What are the actions that one must necessarily do? What kind of a culture enables each individual to do what they necessarily ought to be doing (Dharma)?

In a sense, all the above questions got touched in direct or indirect ways - starting from the narration of the successful establishment of the IIT Madras Research Park - the first of its kind in India and its success story that can alter the nature of Engineering Education in India - to meet the contemporary economic and national interests. This narration opened up the possibility of looking at what got missed in the light of Bharatiya Jnana Parampara and thus to revisit the fundamentals of what we ought to be doing in the days to come.
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