Sri Rudra Prasna or Satarudriya -A Flag Post of Universality and Inclusiveness of Hinduism

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah! Om  Namo Bhagavate Rudraya!!
1. May  one meditate upon Lord Siva, who has fixed the radiant arrow that is pulled up  to the ear on the shining bow, who has a beautiful form, who has a warrior-like  body, who is young and who is united with Goddess Parvati. Lord Rudra!  Salutation to your anger and also to your arrow. Salutation to your bow and  also to both your hands holding the bow and arrow.
2. Lord  Rudra! That arrow of yours has become quietened, so has your bow become  quietened, so too your quiver. With this quietened bow, arrow and quiver make  us happy.
3. Lord!  One who abides in the words of the Vedas! May you reveal the self to us through  that form of blessing which is non-frightening, auspicious and which reveals  the pure self?
4. Lord!  Make the arrow that you are holding in your hand ready to throw, a blessing on  wrong-doers. O, the protector of all, abiding in Kailasa Mountain!  Do not hurt us and other beings of the world.
5. Lord!  Of Mount Kailas! We pray to you, with pure and  auspicious words, in such a manner that we, thereby, become free of diseases  and possessed of happy mind.
6. May  that Lord - who stands by his devotees, who is the foremost, who dwells as the  inner self of devas, who removes the disease of samsara and who  destroys all snakes etc. that harm from the front and all spirits etc., that  harm from behind - espouse my cause.
7. The  same Lord who is praised in the previous Mantras is that Sun in front of us  with reddish hue (sun rise), light red (thereafter) and then golden hue. We  pacify the anger of thousands of Rudras who have resorted to the quarters on  all sides of this earth.
8. Lord  Rudra who is blue-necked and red in hue is this sun, who moves in the sky from  east to west. Even shepherds see him. Women who bring waters also see him. All beings  see him. May that Lord who is seen by us make us happy?
9. My  salutation unto the Lord who has blue neck, who has thousands of eyes and who  abundantly grants the desired ends to his devotees. I offer my salutations also  to the host of attendants of the Lord.
10.O Lord! May  you release the string at both ends of the bow? Also may you make the arrows  that are in your hand out of sight?
11.O Lord. One  who has thousands of eyes! One who has many quivers! Make your bow free of  string. Make the edges of your arrows blunt. May you be of auspicious form and  have a blessing disposition towards us?
12.May the bow  of the Lord be bereft of string? May the quiver be devoid of arrows? May the  arrows outside the quiver of the Lord get destroyed? May the scabbard of the  Lord loose its power to hold a sword?
13.O Lord, one  who totally grants all desired objects! May you protect us from all  difficulties with your weapons and the bow you have in your hand, that are the  cause of health.
14.O Lord! I  salute your weapons that are not targeted and that have the potential of  striking at me. Further, my salutation to your hands and the bow in your hand.
15.O Lord! Let  the arrow that is aimed at your bow avoid us from all directions. Further, may  you target your quiver with the arrows at our host of enemies?

    Namaste astu  bhagavan visvesvaraya mahadevaya
    Tryambakaya  tripurantakaya trikalagnikalaya
    Kalagni  rudraya nilakanthaya mrtyunjayaya
    Sarvesvaraya  sadasivaya srimanmahadevaya namah ||

Let my  salutation be unto you, O Lord, who is the Lord of the universe who is the  all-knowing effulgence, who has three eyes, who burnt the city of three demons,  who is the three periods of time which is like fire, who is timeless and also  destroyer of time, who is blue-necked, who wins over death, who is the Lord of  all, who is always a blessing, who is endowed with all wealth and who is great  Lord.

This is one of  the most popular verses, always recited by the devotees.

1. Salutation to the Lord, who has hands that are  decorated with golden ornaments, who leads the armies, and who is the Lord of  all the directions.
2. Salutation to the Lord, who is in the form of trees  that have fresh green leaves and who is the Lord of all beings.
3. Salutation to the one who has the color of tender grass  that is a mixture of red and yellow, who is bright and who is the Lord of all  Vedic means.
4. Salutation to the one who is seated on a bull, who  severely afflicts the wrong doers and who is the Lord of all foods.
5. Salutation to the one who has black hair, who has the  holy thread across and who is the Lord of those who are well nourished.
6. Salutation to the one who destroys the life of  limitation and who is the Lord of the universe.
7. Salutation to the one who liquidates the sorrow of samsara,  who protects with a bow that is ready to use, and who is the Lord of all  bodies.
8. Salutation to the one who drives the chariot called the  universe, who cannot be destroyed by anyone and who is the Lord of all forests.
9. Salutation to the one who is of red color, who  remaining everywhere is the protector of all and who is the Lord of all trees.
10.Salutation to the Lord of all secrets, who is revealed  by the words of the Vedas and who is the Lord of inaccessible places.
11.Salutation to the one who causes the growth of the  earth, who abides in the devotees and blesses them and who is the Lord of all herbs.
12.Salutation to the one who makes loud noise in war etc.,  who makes the enemies weep and who is the Lord of the soldiers.
13.Salutation to the one who pervades everything, who is  on the run to protect his devotees and who is the lord of all good people.

The whole  section is one mantra.  The idea here is  that the Lord is one who validates and accepts whoever goes to him; no matter  what one does, he condones the wrong.

Salutation to  the one
1. Who condones all crimes, who afflicts the enemies  always, and who is in the form of the very afflicting deities.
2. Who is great, who wields a sword to protect his  devotees and who is the Lord of thieves who steal under cover.
3. Who has arrows ready to be set on the bow, who has a  quiver full of arrows and who is the Lord of all dacoits.
4. Who is an occasional cheater, who cheats all the time  and who is the Lord of those who steal remaining close by.
5. Who wanders around more cleverly than robbers of the  forest, who is constantly on the move for stealing and who is the Lord of the forest thieves.
6. Who is in the form of those protecting themselves with  weapons, who is desirous of destroying others and who is the Lord of those who  steal grains in fields.
7. Who carries a sword on him, who is nocturnal and who is  the Lord of those who rob others by killing.
8. Who wears turban, who wanders in the hills and who is  the Lord of those who appropriates others’ property.

Salutations to  you in the form of those
1. Who have arrows and who hold bows.
2. Who are tying the string in the bow and those who are  setting the arrows on the tied bow.
3. Who are drawing the string of the bow and who are  releasing the arrow.
4. Who are sending the arrow that reaches the target and  who are piercing the target.
5. Who are seated and who are in a reclining posture.
6. Who are sleeping and those who are awake
7. Who are standing and those who are running.

Salutations to  you in the form of
1. assemblies and in the form of lords of assemblies
2.Horses and in the form of horse-riders.

  Salutation to you  in the form of
1. Female power that strikes all around and in various  forms.
2. The group of seven pleasing female deities who bless as  well as the powerful deities that  harm.
3. greedy ones and also their Lord
4. people belonging to different castes and the Lord of  all of them.
5. attendants  of  deities (Ganas) and the Lord of all of them
6. those who have disfigured forms and who are in different  forms which are not    usually accepted by  others.
7. brilliant ones and not so glorious ones.
8. who come in the chariots such as kings and those who  are devoid of chariots.
9. the very chariots and the owners of the chariots.
10.armies and the leaders of the armies.
11.charioteers who also train the charioteers and those  who wield the reins.
12.carpenters and chariot-makers.
13.pot-makers and blacksmiths.
14.bird-catchers and fishermen.
15.who make arrows and bows.
16.hunt animals and who lead the dogs with straps while  hunting.
17.dogs and dog owners

Salutation to  the one from whom the universe is born, who removes the sorrow, who is the  destroyer of everything, who is the Lord of all beings, who has blue neck with  white spot therein, who has matted hair and has shaven head, who has thousand  eyes, who has countless weapons, who has mountain as his abode, who pervades  everything through his rays, who is the ultimate cause for the universe, who  has a bow, who is short, who is small footed, who is big, who is full of  virtues, who is in the form of full grown cosmos,  who keeps growing by the praises showered on  him, who is the cause of everything, who is first among all, who swiftly moves  on account of his pervasion, who obtains in fast moving things and in swift  flow of waters, who is in every wave and in quiet waters, and who obtains in  small streams and islands.

Salutation to  the one who is elder and who is younger, who is in the form of a cause and  effect; youth; an infant; animals and trees; human being; those who are in the yama  loka,  in the heaven and on the  earth; in the grains; those who obtain in the Veda and Vedanta; in the forest  and trees;  who is in the form of sound  and echo; who has a swift moving army and chariot; who is a brave warrior; who  shatters the fort of enemies; who has the protective armor and helmet; who is  the secret place of protection of the army and who is in the form of army of  presiding deities.

Salutation to the one who obtains  in the kettle-drum and in the stick to beat it ; who is brave and analytical; a  messenger in war; who is interested in the welfare of the kingdom, who has a  sword in his hands, a quiver of arrows on his shoulders, equipped with all  weapons and bow, who obtains in narrow walking paths as well as on high ways;  in ponds and waterfalls; in marshy land and lakes; in rivers and streams, in  the wells and the valleys; in the rains   and in drought, in clouds and lightning; in the sun and shade, who is in  the form of Prana and Rudra, who is in the form of every object and in  the vastu deity.

This whole section is considered  to be important since the important mantra, namah sivaya, occurs here.

Salutation to the Lord seated  with Uma and to Lord Rudra; to the Lord of all beings  in the form of rising sun and the one that  obtains later; who gives happiness to all beings here and hereafter; who excels  in glory; who causes fear; who protects from far and near, who resolves  everything unto himself; who is the destroyer of samsara totally; the  one who is OM ; who is the source of happiness and freedom; to the one  who is Lord Siva; to the one who resides on either side of the river; to the  one who helps all to cross the sins and the sin of ignorance; to the one who is  in the rebirths, in the jivas, in the tender grass and in foam, sand and  in the flow of river.

Salutation to the Lord who is in  the desert and in the beaten path, in the form of roads full of pebbles, in the  residential places, in the cow sheds, in a cot, in a mansion or cave, in deep  waters or in dew drops, who has matted hair, who is visible and not visible,  who is in dry woods and wet trees, who is in barren land and marshy place, in  the earth and the waves, in green foliage and in dry leaves, who has weapons  ready to attack and weapons withdrawn, and who causes injuries small and big.

Salutations to  you who is in destructive form; who is known  only to Devatas; who causes suffering in various ways; who captures people  to  bless or punish, who does not fail to  give results of actions and who pervades everywhere to punish the evil-doers.

This section consists of prayer  to Rudra to do certain things and not to do certain other things.

O Lord! May you not frighten all  these beings and cattle? Let not any of them get destroyed or afflicted by  diseases. Your body is auspicious, being like the medicine for all diseases at  all times, and is of the nature of blessing and a remedy for all the ills of  samsara. O Physician for the disease of samsara, make us happy and enable us to  live by that body of yours. We offer this mental worship to, O Lord Rudra, in  such a manner as it would bring happiness to all our people and animals and  would fetch nourishment and freedom to all the beings in this village. O Lord,  we worship you who are capable of eliminating the enemies, to give us that  happiness born out of objects as well as that born out of freedom.

O Lord Rudra! Do not kill elders  of our family, children, young persons and the child in the womb. Further, do  not hurt our father, mother and our dear bodies. Being angry, do not cause any  harm in our progeny and sons, in our longevity, cattle and horses. Do not kill  any leaders of our society. We, with offerings in our hands, worship you with  salutation. You with a form frightening others remain in a comfortable and  blessing form close to us and protect us, talk to us gently.

O Mind, praise the Lord who is  revealed in the scriptures, who abides in the hearts, who is ever young, who  destroys the wrong doers, who is not conquerable like an Iron piece. May you,  who are being praised by us, make us happy? O Rudra, we are in this body  subject to ageing? May your army destroy anyone else other than us?

May the destructive weapons of Rudra  leave us? Let the thought of destruction in the Lord who is full with raging  anger, leave him. May you withdraw the unfailing weapons from us who are  worshipping you and give us happiness? O Lord, who fulfills all the desires,  who blesses with inner purity! May you become auspicious and one with good  thoughts towards us. Keeping your frightening weapons aside on the top of a  tree, come towards us. Wearing your tiger-skin holding the bow pinaka,  come towards us.

O one, who eliminates all sins,  who is pure, who is endowed with the qualities of bhagavan, let our  salutations be unto you. Let the weapons you have destroy people other than us.  O Lord! There are thousands of weapons of countless varieties in your two  hands. May you turn their faces away from us?

The mantras in this section talk  about the various forms of Rudras in which he is prayed to. One Rudra has  manifold forms as Devatas and they act as sources of blessing as also  chastising. They are the presiding deities of various fields or functions. They  are in the food, air, intermediary space, earth, trees, and so on. Our  salutations to these Rudras!

This section is concluded with  the following popular prayer which is also called as “Maha Mrutyunjaya  Mantra”.

Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim  pushtivardhanam |
    Urvarukamiva bandhanat mrutyormukshiya  mamrutat ||

‘We worship the one who has three  eyes, who has got fragrance and who nourishes health. I should get released  from the death, like a water melon which gets released from its creeper and not  from immortality.’

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