Surya Yog

Surya Yog or sun yoga is our journey towards the sun. After becoming ‘One’ with the sun, one’s awareness is awakened and that is the beginning of evolution of our ordinary consciousness into sun consciousness. One absorbs solar energy to grow body power, thought power and will power and one undergoes a total transformation to become a superman. This transformation is reflected in the way one thinks and acts. Just like the sun, one starts living a life of giving. By Surya Yog one attains peace, radiates joy and is always in harmony with the cosmos.

Surya Yog practice includes:
One, Surya Namaskar (a group of dynamic asanas to energize our body),Two, Surya Pranayam (a breathing exercise to absorb sun’s vital life force to turbo charge our mind), andThree, Surya Dhyan (sun meditation using Surya Tratak or sun gazing to transcend our ordinary consciousness into sun consciousness).

To read E book on Surya Yog read PDF file. Also visit their site

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