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Solang Valley is 15 kms from Manali, takes about 30 minutes by local bus. It is quite a scenic drive along the river. Bus available from Mall road. It was lovely weather and scenic in August 2016. View very close to Solang Valley.

Reached about 8.45 am. These Himachali ladies, who dress up tourists as locals, had just reached. They are very apprehensive about being clicked but sportingly agreed later. They do a very good job and make tourists feel Himachali.

From where bus drops walk 5 minutes to reach here. Building in centre is for ropeway that takes you to top of hill from am told get a great view. Those who want to go paragliding etc go to top of hill. Fee for ropeway Rs 600/ so avoided.

I decided to trek up a prachin (ancient) Shiv Mandir. Met this couple enroute lady Chinese man American. Lady said she loves India - hope more Chinese think like her.

After about 30 minutes trek reached place from where you cross river. Unfortunately the bridge had got washed out last night so I chatted with Himachali women that you see till someone made a temporary bridge. Love the smiles and complexion. Very friendly and confident.

I crossed the largish stream thanks to a ladder fixed by local devotees. From the top of hill is a waterfall that falls on a linga. The steps and structure on right are new.

About Anjani Mahadev. Om Namoh Shivay.

Waterfall with lingam. Direction of water keep on changing and comes with huge force.

View on the way down. Many come on horses - it is not that tough or long a climb. Do walk more fun.

On reaching the base walked to bus stand and decided to walk / take a lift back to Manali. View enroute.

Solang Valley base this bhutta seller from Uttar Pradesh. We came together in the bus from Manali. When the bus conductor asked him to pay for coal kept on bus top, looked at him sympathetically saying why is he troubling you. We connected such that he refused to take money from me for a bhutta. Such is India.

View as I walked down from Solang Valley to main Manali Rohtang Pass road. Lots of hotels and places to eat there. Hotels at various price points.

Nag Mandir enroute to main road. Nag stands for snake.

A Himachali lady whom I met whilst walking down. U can also trek from Old Manali to Solang Valley 11 kms. Trek starts from Manu temple.

View of hotels with Solang Valley in background.

I hitched a bike ride from local who drove me through villages. Crossed the river on foot where met these Nepali kids returning from school.

Local temple along the river. Note design. Think it is a Shiv Mandir.

At prachin Shiv Mandir local shop sold Maggi Noodles. A lot is written about Patanjali noodles but as a brand Maggi is here to stay.

Somewhere in between Rohtang Pass and Manali. Very scenic drive downhill.

U see me in Himachali dress close to Shiv Mandir. After meeting lovely Himachali people and scenic Manali / Solang Valley began to feel am a Himachali Pahadi myself.

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