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1. Daily bus Kaza to Mudh bus near Sagnam village in Pin Valley. The bus leaves Kaza at 4 pm daily and takes 2.5 hrs to reach Mudh. From Mudh the bus leaves at 6 am daily. Himachal Transport bus drivers are awesome, have a very good sense of the roads.

2. When we drive from Lahaul to Spiti valley we saw this somewhere in between Batal and Losar. The drive from Lahaul to Kaza is awesome. If you can hire a vehicle stop by at villages enroute to Kaza.

3. Kunzum Pass is at a height of 15,000 feet. It connect Kulu and Lahaul Valley with Spiti. Chandrakal Lake is about 15 kms from here. When we went it was very windy. Loved it. .

4. View from Dhankar village. The confluence of Pin (left) and Spiti (right) river.

5. Spitian homes in Sagnam village in Pin Valley.

6. Sagnam village.

7. A unique single house village in pin valley in between Sagnam and Mudh.

8. Pin Valley near Sagnam village.

9. Todnam village.

10. Pea harvesting in Mudh village. Pea is one of the most harvested crop in the area. During the end of August the Pea harvesting is at the peak and the locals are mostly busy in picking the pea fruit.

11. Mules crossing the hanging bridge over Pin river near Mudh village carrying peas from the nearby fields.

12. View from Mudh village which is the last village in the Pin valley.

13. Wild flowers and the Pin river in Pin Valley near Mudh village.

14. Enroute Mudh village from Kaza. Pin river accompanying us.

15. Curious kids of Mudh village.

16. Different shades of Pin the Bhaba pass trail.

17. Sunrise near Sagnam village in Pin Valley.

18. The newly constructed hanging bridge which connects Kibber with Chicham village.

19. A young monk playing football in Kye Monastery in Kaza.

20. Monk at Kye Monastery in Kaza.

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