• By Jnana Prabodhini
  • April 2001

Value of Knowledge  

Priest: Just as a strong foundation bears the edifice firmly, Brahmachryashrama serves as the foundation of human life. Knowing Brahman enables one to follow the will of the Brahman. Geeta says—

Priest and the participants:

Priest: There is nothing on earth equal in purity to knowledge. One, who learns to concentrate his mind with the help of Yoga, attains the knowledge of self in course of time.

Priest and the participants:

Priest: Studying any branch of knowledge in depth would lead to the knowledge of the Brahman. By understanding and following the will of the Brahman, one gets the sense of fulfillment in his life. Knowledge is fathomless. One, who attains it, reaches the status of the Brahman.

Priest and the participants:

Priest: Brahman it truth, knowledge and has no limits. This knowledge resides in the cave of the heart, the lofty Akashak. One, who experiences this, realizes all his desires along with Brahman, the all knowing.

Priest and the participants:

Priest: Since knowledge is fathomless, every moment is to be utilized in its pursuit. The code of do’s and don’ts of Brahmacharyashrama are meant for this purpose. There has to be a balance in eating, sleeping, exercise and other activities. Control in every activity is the important theme given by Lord Shrikrishna in the Bhagavad Geeta.


O preceptor, kindly explains to us the rules of Brahmacharyashrama and initiate me/us into studentship. We stand up and request you to do so. My/our parents who have come to bless me/us may please stand up and hand me/us over to my/our preceptor.

Aspirants: Please accept us/me as your disciple/s

Parents: Please accept me/our children as your disciple/s.

Preceptor: Be it so.

 Now I explain to you the rules and the code of conduct of Brahmacharya, and then initiate you into Brahmachayashrama.

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