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‘Art’ is considered one of the most powerful forms of communication since the artist has the creative liberty to express his/her thoughts through artistic mediums like audio, visual, etc. When we discuss ‘visual creativity’, one form that makes a tremendous impact is ‘Painting’. However, as mentioned by Edgar Degas, a famous French artist - ‘Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do and you can understand the true beauty of an art form when you look at the art from an artists’ perspective.




India has always been famous for its creative diversity, whether it is the traditional Indian paintings or the modern art that was begun in Kolkata in the late nineteenth century. Celebrated Indian painter Raja Rajiv Varma is considered the father of Modern Indian Art who drew on Western traditions and techniques including oil painting and easel painting. Oil painting has definitely emerged as one of the leading art forms when it comes to oil painting on canvas or some other surface. Let’s have a look at important aspects of Oil Painting.


Oil Painting - Origin, Advantages


Though Oil Paint existed since the 11th century, it gained prominence in the 15th century after advantages of using Oil Paint became widely known to the artists. During the 10th & 11th centuries, it was used for making Buddhist paintings by Indian & Chinese painters in western Afghanistan. Some of the primary advantages of Oil Paint are – 

  • Provides more depth of color.
  • Takes more time to dry when compared to acrylic paint, due to which artists can work on the other aspects of painting while the color dries up.
  • Can be used with other media like varnishes, resins, etc. which aid in adjusting the translucency and other important aspects of the painting.
  • Oil paints can be used on different surfaces like Fabric, Wood, Paper, Canvas, Linen, etc.


Due to these advantages, Oil paint is considered a preferred medium for painting and ‘art collectors’ & ‘art enthusiasts’ also treasure oil paintings by well-known artists!

Oil Painting - Drawing methodologies


Artists using Oil Paint normally begin by sketching the main subject on canvas, with charcoal or thinned paint. Oil paint is usually mixed with linseed oil, artist grade mineral spirits, or other solvents to make the paint thinner. Traditionally, artists use paintbrushes for drawing, but there are other tools like palette knives, rags, etc. that are increasingly being used by them. By using hog-bristle brushes along with the above mentioned tools and techniques, oil painters are able to create pigment textures that enhance the beauty of the painting.


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