How Watercolors can be used to create beautiful and mesmerizing Paintings

There are many ways in which each of us relieves stress. It could be by playing games, drawing, painting, etc. but rarely do we realize that these practices have an ancient connection. Painting is one activity that not only relieves stress, but also ticks the creative bones inside the painter.


India has a long tradition and history in Indian Art, namely Miniature Paintings, Tanjore Paintings, Mughal Paintings, Mithila Paintings, Madhubani Paintings, etc. With the advent of Modernization, even Art was adapted to suit the changing times and soon became Modern Art. Though the core values of Indian Art still remain the backbone, artists are using creative liberty to come up with amazing paintings.


Artists have many options when it comes to painting e.g. Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolor Painting, etc., but they choose the medium that suits their requirement. Many world-renowned artists have used Watercolors to come up with famous watercolor paintings and the scene is no different in India. Watercolor has many inherent advantages when compared to acrylic colors, oil colors, etc.

  • More transparency, hence artist can work from light to dark, bringing more depth to the painting.
  • Easy to blend and can be used to create amazing effects in the painting.
  • Easy to use and quick drying time.
  • No harmful chemicals and more affordable than other coloring options

Artworks by Sankar Thakur

Watercolors are predominantly used on Paper (Rice, Cartridge, Arches, etc.) and paper will determine the quality of watercolor painting through its content, texture, etc. Some artists also use watercolors on Canvas board, Acrylic glass, etc. by applying special watercolor primer on the drawing medium but watercolor on paper is preferred by most of them. Every artist needs to pick their painting brushes, watercolor paints, paper in order to translate ideas into reality! Though amazing     watercolor painting ideascan be found by just peeping outside the window, few of them are mentioned below:

  • Public Places (Train station, Airports, Bus station, etc.)
  • Nature & Scenery (Seasons, Flowers, etc.)
  • Public Affection & Relationships (Love, Motherly feelings, etc.)
  • Gods & Goddesses (Ganesha, Jesus Christ, Shiva Parvati, etc.)
  • Still life (Objects in a plate, etc.)

Art collectors and enthusiasts are also very fond of watercolor paintings and treasure authentic paintings from well-known and budding artists. The common problem faced by artists is getting their hard work noticed by the target audience and on the other hand, art collectors find it equally difficult to 'locate' amazing art by genuine artists. This lingering problem is solved by an online art gallery named, which connects artists with art admirers. has close to 15,000 paintings from verified artists, a platform that is a big boon for artists, art lovers, and art collectors - key stakeholders of the 'art ecosystem’.


Artworks by Raji P 


At, art collectors can purchase paintings from esteemed & verified artists, be it Nature Painting, Varanasi Ghat Painting, watercolor paintings, etc. also lists watercolor paintings for sale from well-known artists as well as new entrants who aspire to make a mark in the art industry. On they have renowned Artist like Sankar Thakur, Raji P, Dipankar Biswas If you use online medium for art collection, please leave your experience in the comments section…


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1 Artworks by Sankar Thakur

2 Artworks by Raji P


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