Why do Artists of Landscape Paintings Prefer Watercolor

  • By Neha Gupta
  • March 18 2021


Landscape prints are mesmeric art pieces rejuvenating any ambiance dramatically. Adorning the walls of bedrooms, living areas, and drawing spaces, landscape prints are great for home decor. To bring a better appearance to the art, landscape artists today use etching, and watercolor to introduce an enhanced style.


Landscape art earns the ability to enhance its depiction of mountains, forests, trees, rivers, etc. with alluring watercolor effects. Since watercolor portrays vitality, utter boldness, and unparalleled luminosity, more buyers are showing interest. Nature watercolor painting (landscape prints) gained name because of its marvellous texture given by each brushstroke that fills it with magical colors.


A constant reminder of enthralling natural views, landscape prints recharge the viewer’s soul. More artists today are using watercolors to revitalize their landscape prints. You can have a sketched landscape art for your walls. However, by using a watercolor print, you add more style to your decor, consequently, brightening up your space.


Watercolors are drawn on different supports- plastic, papyrus, canvas, paper, wood, vellum, etc. and their popularity increased because its technique to paint is quite simple to start!


You can use watercolor landscape art for your windowless rooms to brighten up spaces around. With landscape prints loved in all forms, artists today still stick to watercolor prints. Why?


Here are the major reasons:


The Vibrancy of the Color

Watercolors are said to be a master medium, as they offer an emotional response to the subject of the painting. Offering a visual treat, water mediums give a sense of hope and serenity to home décors with their vibrant colors.


Since landscape paintings are said to give a stunning look to the living space, adding a splash of watercolors can enhance its results. Landscape artists can remodel their paintings with numerous watercolors- Cadmium yellow, Cadmium lemon, Alzarin crimson, Cadmium red, Paynes gray, Viridian, Burnt umber, French ultramarine, etc.

Since watercolors can be controlled and manipulated, more artists are using them to enjoy transparency and beautify their paintings when in need.

Quality Prints

The fondness for watercolors has increased because of their quality prints. More buyers are interested in buying nature watercolor painting, as it offers excellently grounded pigment giving high permanence and quality with also depicting appealing natural scenery.


Artists understand the need for quality prints, as buyers look forward to excellence and permanency when they buy expensive portraits. Thus, to ensure durability and deliver a painting that lasts for generations, watercolor prints for quality are preferred.


Ease of Drawing

One of the key reasons for landscape artists preferring watercolors is that it dries easily. With swift drying results within a day, watercolors allow artists to switch to other tasks without difficulty. Besides, watercolors also give the chance to re-wet and re-work on paintings to make the necessary changes anytime.


Several artists look forward to re-arranging their painting once it's done, and watercolor gives the freedom of flexibility. Landscape art talks all about the beauty of nature and water mediums help to embrace the artwork splendidly. With delicate and ethereal results, water mediums help artists have diverse options to switch to anytime.


Hypnotic Effect

Artists feel water mediums have a hypnotic and addictive effect. The reason for more artists switching to watercolors for their landscape prints is that watercolors bring in a more fascinating view to the painting. The spontaneity of watercolors makes them more alluring and in-demand by both artists and buyers.


Since watercolors do not stand in the way of the artists’ progress, it becomes the preferable medium. Moreover, a quick wash for brushes and palettes is all the artists using watercolors have to do.


No Health Issues

Another key metric causing an increase in the need for watercolor mediums is no danger of fumes, stink issues, and chemical fears. Watercolors are easy to clean and do not bring any dangerous effects, unlike other painting techniques that bring issues like fumes and chemical reactions.


Isn’t it a wonderful reason to opt for watercolors?

Discover Creativity

Many times, we have no idea what we are capable of! Watercolors help discover the creative artist inside. By giving the freedom to paint and re-construct a painting anytime, watercolors help to unleash creativity.


Artists using water mediums get the flexibility to fire those creative neurons inside. Working with oils, acrylic, or sketch works, artists do not have the freedom to re-use/re-work on a particular painting again. Nevertheless, watercolors allow making changes in artwork even in the end. Even the palettes can be recycled and re-used while in other paints, the mixtures dry out soon.



Transparency is a big reason for landscape artists inclining towards watercolor. Since this coloring technique allows light to reflect back by passing through the paint to produce a radiant effect, artists and buyers love it. 


Valued for its transparency, watercolor landscape arts are beautiful interior decor pieces that will enhance your mood always. To get a better understanding of the transparency effect of watercolors, check the picture below.


Wrap Up

An ancient and beloved medium of history, watercolor is one of the oldest painting methods. The use of this painting form on landscape prints helps to add elegance to the mundane of rooms instantly. Capturing scenic natural beauty, watercolor landscape prints can adorn the walls of your rooms bringing in energy and positivity.


You can buy mesmeric nature watercolor paintings by famous landscape artists- Zhan Ziquan, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, John Constable, Claude Monet, Jan van Goyen, etc.


Hope this helped you understand the rising significance of watercolors for landscape paintings. If you have more inputs, do comment and share.


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