Swami Nithyananda sex scandal- Insights and Church angle

The Way Forward
My  overriding concern throughout this investigation has been to find a way to do  damage control in order to protect the broader interests of dharma. This  requires a pragmatic approach. Given the state of affairs, it seems that the  mess cannot be created without the swami leaving the movement and going into a  strictly private life of meditation and self inquiry. I worry for the young  ashramites who I feel are amazing individuals but in need of proper mentoring. They  have a solid commitment to the cause and their personal spiritual paths, but they  lack the sophistication and maturity to deal with what they face today.

Swami  Nithyananda should resign immediately and hand over all his organizations to  senior spiritual masters, preferably Shaivites practicing the Shiva Sutras and  related traditions. He told me in an interview hat I recorded on March 9th  that he was willing to leave everything and become a wandering sadhu again. I  wish that interview had been aired.

The new  spiritual leaders would give the ashram a new life and chance to revive itself.  It could either remain a place for spiritual training or turn itself into a  Hindu social service organization. Either way it would be a better outcome than  the likely alternative of the government stepping in to take over the ashram  and turn it over to administrators who are not positively disposed to Hindu  spirituality – as has happened in numerous similar cases of government takeovers  of Hindu temples and organizations despite claims of being “secular”.

Besides  giving up the organization, Swami Nithyananda should return to his personal  sadhana under their guidance. Let them evaluate him and his organization, and  issue their independent report to the public. Swami Nithyananda should  fearlessly and humbly submit himself to their judgment of what happened and  what the remedies ought to be.

Hinduism  has survived for many millennia and faced many kinds of crises, just like all  the other major religions of the world. It has its own internal resources and  mechanisms to deal with such situations. These need to be put to use and they  need to become modernized. This is not the last such scandal Hindu groups are  going to face in the near future!

Editor’s thoughts + Also read below:
1. Instead of Swami Nithyananda resigning one must  examine the Church angle closely. In fact he must clear his name and continue  the good work. Those who oppose your work will do anything to pull you down. If  you resign they win. Stay put and fight like a true blooded Kshatriya.
2. In India the Media can convict you  even before the Courts. Do not get demoralized. Lie low, work silently and bid  your time.
3. The average Hindu believes that goodness will  prevail and cannot imagine that a smooth talking opponent could launch a well  coordinated multi location attack. Like many politicians before and after him, Atalji  learnt the hard way in Kargil after Lahore. Be friendly but prepared to counter attack. Never let your guard down.
4. Any good lawyer will tell you that the way to  legally entangle an opponent is to file a Criminal case rather than a civil one. A simple incident can be made into a criminal case.
5. Since Hinduism does not have a Church or a  central governing body the average Hindu is unable to fathom that followers of  Semitic religions could attack in an organized yet subtle way.
6. Gurus must realize that as and when politicians  feel that a Guru’s work is threatening their votes a counter attack should be  expected.
7. Swamis must hand over day to day management to a  Managing Committee. 
8. A Swamis inner circle or atleast the Managing  Committee should have those belonging to the four varnas. Cross pollination of thoughts  will produce better results.
9. There should be a team dedicated to Media  Management. About nine years ago I met a Christian Father who was studying Mass  Communications at Mumbai’s St Xavier’s College. Hindus need to emulate.
10.Maintain a List of those devotees who have  influence in various sectors. So when a problem arises in a given sector the crack  team knows whom to contact asap.
11.Maintain a database of the wrong doings of your  opponents. Selectively leak them out from time to time. Keep your opponents busy  defending that would leave them less time to plan an attack.

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