Bhagavad Gita- Chap 10 (Part-1) Vibhooti Yogah- Yoga of the Divine Manifestations

ashwatthah sarvavrikshaanaam  devarsheenaam cha naaradah
    gandharvaanaam chitrarathah  siddhaanaam kapilo munih // 10.26 //

Among  all trees I am the Peepul; among the Divine Rishis, Narada; among Gandharvas  Chitraratha; among the perfected ones, the sage Kapila.

Peepul  - Both in magnitude and life span it is the largest and hence considered  immortal. It has divinity attached to it and therefore worshipped. As per  Upanishads and Gita itself it represents pluralistic phenomenal world. Narada -  He is a great devotee of Narayana. He is the greatest sage because he guides  the deluded. He has the missionary zeal and enthusiasm. Gandharvas - Celestial  beings famous for their art and music. Chitraratha is the most brilliant among  them noted for his singing.

Siddhas  - Those who at their very birth attained virtue, wisdom and dispassion. They  are great thinkers and perfected ones. Sage Kapila is the author of Sankhyan  Philosophy and is the greatest thinker.

ucchaihshravasamashwaanaam viddhi  maamamritodbhavam
    airaavatam gajendraanaam naraanaam cha  naraadhipam // 10.27 //

Know  Me among horses as Ucchaisravas, born of nectar, among lordly elephants the Airavata  and among men, the king.

Ucchaisravas,  Airavata - The winged horse, mighty and powerful and the white elephant came up  during the churning of the Milky ocean which were presented to Indra. King -  Leader among men.

aayudhaanaamaham vajram dhenoonaamasmi  kaamadhuk
    prajanashchaasmi kandarpah  sarpaanaamasmi vaasukih // 10.28 //

Among  the weapons I am the thunderbolt; among cows I am Kamadhuk; I am Kandarpa the  cause for off-springs; among serpents I am Vasuki.

Vajra  - An item in the divine artillery which can never be destroyed. Kamadhuk - The  cow `Kamadhenu' which yields all the desired objects. Kandarpa - The Cupid, the  God of Love. Vasuki - Mythological serpent living on Siva's ring finger as an  ornament. This serpent served as a rope for churning the milky ocean. Sarpa is  single-hooded serpent.

anantashchaasmi naagaanaam varuno  yaadasaamaham
    pitreenaamaryamaa chaasmi yamah  samyamataamaham // 10.29 //

I  am Ananta among Nagas; I am Varuna of water-deities; Aryaman of Pitris or  ancestors I am; among controllers I am Yama.

Nagas  - Many hooded serpents among which Sesha Naga is the mightiest and the most  divine because he is the substratum upon which Vishnu, the sustainer and  Brahma, the creator of the multiple worlds function. Varuna - He is the ruler  of the oceans, the Lord of all waters. Aryaman - Ruler of the world of  ancestors. Yama - The Lord of Death who controls life. The principle of  creation has to be preceded by the principle of death. Death serves the purpose  of orderly existence in the world.

prahlaadashchaasmi daityaanaam kaalah  kalayataamaham
    mrigaanaam cha mrigendro'ham  vainateyashcha pakshinaam // 10.30 //

I  am Prahlada among Daityas (Demons); among measurers I am Time; among beasts I  am their king, the lion; and Garuda among birds am I.

Prahlad  - Though the son of a demon king, Hiranyakashipu, Prahlad was a great devotee  of Sri Krishna. Time - Time is an Eternal Factor which is divided into past,  present and future by the play of mind and intellect. The Lord is thus an  Infinite Substratum supporting the finite multiplicity. The Lion - Noted for  its majesty, manliness and dignity among the animals. Garuda - Noted for its  flight, powers of perception and the heights up to which it can soar among the  birds.

pavanah pavataamasmi raamah  shastrabhritaamaham
    jhashaanaam makarashchaasmi  srotasaamasmi jaahnavee // 10.31 //

Among  purifiers I am the wind; among warriors Rama am I; among the fishes I am the shark;  among the rivers I am the Ganga.

Wind  - Sweeps clean every thing. Rama - A Perfect man in all aspects of life: as a  son, husband, brother, friend, warrior, teacher, ruler and even as a father.

Shark  - The largest and most powerful fish Jahnavi - Most sacred river Ganga.

sargaanaamaadirantashcha madhyam  chaivaham arjuna
    adhyaatmavidyaa vidyaanaam vaadah  pravadataamaham // 10.32 //

Among  creations I am the beginning, the middle and also the end, O Arjuna; among  sciences I am the science of the Self and I am the logic in all arguments.

In  verse 20 of this Chapter The Lord said that He is the beginning, middle and  also the end of all individual beings (movable and immovable). Here He says  that He is the essence of the entire creation.

The  science of Self is the way to beatitude or salvation. It is not an intellectual  exercise or a social adventure. It is a way to saving wisdom and so is pursued  with deep conviction. Philosophy as the science of Self helps us to overcome  the ignorance which hides from us the vision of Reality. Without it the  sciences of objective elements become misleading.

Logic  - There are various types of argumentations in logic such as vada, jalpa and  vitanda. Vada (Logic) is a way of arguing by which one gets at the truth of a  question without any attraction, repulsion or jealousy or for scoring victory  over the other. Jalpa means assertion of one's own opinion through vehement  criticism of the other's while vitanda means harping upon one's own views  without caring for the opposite side. In jalpa and vitanda the aim is to gain  victory over the other side.

aksharaanaamakaaro'smi dwandwah  saamaasikasya cha
    ahamevaakshayah kaalo dhaataaham  vishwatomukah  // 10.33 //

Among  the letters of the alphabet, the letter `A' I am and the dual (Co-ordinates)  among all compounds, I am verily, the inexhaustible or the everlasting time; I  am the (all-faced) Dispenser (of fruits of actions) having faces in all  directions.

The  letter `A' - In Sanskrit the sound of the letter `A' preponderates in every  letter which makes the pronunciation of the words very sweet and  rhythmical.  This letter also occupies  the first place among the alphabets in all languages.

Dual-  One of the Sanskrit forms of compounds is Dwandwa in which the essential  elements in the components co-ordinate with each other in the newly formed  compound word. Similarly the Self and the Not-Self look mixed up together  constituting the world of perceptions experienced by us, but to a  discriminative mind the component parts are clear.

Everlasting  Time - The `Time' mentioned earlier in verse 30 is finite time while here it is  mentioned as infinite. These put together mean that the Self is the substratum  for both the absolute concept  of Pure  Time and the finite experience of each Moment. But for the awareness of each  fraction of time the total concept of Time is impossible. Hence The Lord is  immanent in each unit of time and also the substratum for the total time.

Dispenser  - He is the sustainer of the mental impressions in every individual which  determine as to how he will react with the outside world.

Facing  all directions - As the Supreme Being is all pervading He is said to face all  directions. In all perceptions whether physical, mental or intellectual there  is the grace of Consciousness which is the Self and hence It is said to see in  all directions.

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