Tirathgarh Waterfalls

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These waterfalls are 35 kms from Jagdalpur i.e. in turn about 6-7 hours drive from Raipur. U enter forests area, on your left is entry to Kanger Valley National Park and on your right is road to Tirathgarh waterfalls. At this point you pay an entry fee to enter Tirathgarh. This is first view of the waterfalls. Best time to visit post monsoons say Sept,Oct, Nov.

The waterfalls drop from a height of 100 feet. View taken from top of hill where water drops. In centre is small hill where there is ancient Shiva temple. Water flows away to area in left of pic. U have to hire a private taxi from Jagdalpur to reach here although some suggested can hire a auto as well.

A close up view of the waterfall. At 4.30pm on Christmas Day it was full of tourists. Centre of pic note the rock formation with a whole in the centre. Hill left of pic has no water now. During monsoons water flows down the entire hill. It is also called Milky Wall because of white color, looks like milk is falling. Water flows thru steps unlike Chitrakoot where it a straight fall from top of the hill into the river.

After entering the forest area the drive is WOW to say the least. Dense forests as you see in this picture. Inspite of my drivers protests (worried about Naxals) I walked on the road for some ten minutes. It was so refreshing.

Car stops on top of the hill from where these steps take you down to where the waterfall is.

Tourists and Photographers go hand in hand. Local photographers have kept mini printers, that run on battery operated inverters, so give tourists photo printouts instantly. During the monsoons the area that you see is full of water.

View of the waterfall. Best time to visit is post monsoon when it attains its full 160 meters width and falls 100 mtrs deep down on the waiting Mugabahar river. Left of pic u see tourists walking up a staircase ie up the hill where is a Shiv temple.

Overview of the Valley from top of the hill. Down is waterfall, centre is hill beyond which are forests. Left of pic is where most students go and have a dip. It is quite deep in the main waterfall area so advised not to bath there.

Top of the hill is an ancient Shiv mandir ie in front of the temples that you see. Again Shiv temples but made in a different style. During Bastar Yatra found a Shivji temple in most places even in Kutumsar Caves and Chitrakoot Waterfalls.

Girl students from the Saraswati Shishyu Mandir going down steps to take a dip in water. A monkey is supervising to see that all goes well. Many many monkeys on the hill. They keep you on your toes and make it entertaining - invariably hear of a shout when the monkey tries to snatch away food or a bag from a tourist.

Another view of the waterfall. The lady in front had taken a dip and is making her hair now. I was tempted to take a dip but was cold, with whom would I leave the camera.

Close to the car parking area these adivasi women were selling local beer called salphi (the sap of fish-leaf sago palm). A few tourists had a glass and enjoyed. I did not since had 4 days to go and did not want to take any risks with my stomach. Close by some women were selling Mahua (the local brew).

Mother and daughter-in-law duo selling tea and hot pakodas. Loved them - not eaten such tasty ones for a long time. Not a good pic but still sharing for a purpose. During conversation the mother-in-law told another lady that earlier she never wore a blouse, wore only saree. Times have changed. The daughter-in-law dresses up like other women and also wears a mangal-sutra. More tourist means more income for locals. To see some more pics Click here

Reached Tirathgarh at about 4.30pm. After an hour there headed back to Jagdalpur. U see road thru dense forests - loved it. To see some more pics Click here

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