Manipur Dance Academy Imphal

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During the Sangai Festival saw young performers excel at Rass Leela dance. I wanted to see a place where they get trained. A friend directed me to the Manipur Dance Academy.In 2014 it celebrated sixty years of existence. U see entrance to main building.

Bust of Dance Guru R K Prigopal Sana, Founder Choreographer and Production Unit of the academy. He gave up his body at age of 90. The Academy has many professors called Gurus. There are app 30 Gurus and many visitng Gurus, some as old as 90 years. Gurus are usually between 40-60 years of age. Post retirement some become visiting Gurus.

On the day I went most students were on holiday. Visited a few rooms where young students were being trained. ''Rajarshi Bhagyachandra Maharaja (1763-1798 A.D.), the Saint King of Manipur, heralded a cultural renaissance in Manipur by introducing the Raas Leela.'' To see pics of Khajuraho Dance Festival Click here

Teaching is a combination of theory and practice. There is something unique about the Academy Campus-very positive vibrations. To see pics of Kuchipudi Dance by the famous Reddy familyClick here

There are individual rooms in this building where students are taught. Read Manipuri Dance - A Journey Click here

Students at work. Dedication of Gurus and students is amazing. Read Celestial Dancers of Manipur Click here

Training session on. If you like dancers from the Academy can perform in any part of India. Reach out to the Academy Director. If you are unable to connect do write to me at Click here, will try to help. See pics of Folk Dances of Pithoragarh in Kumaon Click here

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