• By Jnana Prabodhini
  • April 2010

The sacrifice for marriage ceremony 

Priest : In Hindu tradition marriage is a sacred pledge, and not just a contract. You have taken the pledge. Now please repeat it in the presence of the holy fire.

(The priest enkindles the fire on the altar. The couple sits by the altar. A stone is kept to the west, an urn filled with water is to the northeast and 4 kusha grass blades ( Darbhas ) are spread to the north of the fire. On them, two small metal bowls and an urn containing ghee are kept. One is to be filled with water and the other with ghee already melted on fire.)

Priest and the bridegroom :

Here I install the fire called Yojaka.

Priest : Take two Darbhas, dip them in the water in the small bowl and sprinkle that water on the bowl of ghee and on all other things near the alter. This is a purifying gesture. Now all the material brought for sacrifice has been purified. Keep the Darbhas in your hand.

Priest and the groom :
O sacred fire, your family comes from the sage Shandilya, your banner bears the sign of Aries. Please grace me.

Priest : Offer the Pavitrak of the Darbhas to the holy fire.

Priest and the groom : (After having offered the Darbhas)

This is offered to Skanda, the heroic deity. This now belongs to Skanda and not to

O fire, this fuel is your very self. Blaze up with all your radiance. Let our progeny, wealth and glory increase with your blessings. Let us have abundant harvests and monsoons. We offer this fuel to you. Now this belongs to the wealth-bestower fire and not to me.

Priest : Take the ghee container in your hand and offer the ghee to the fire. Let the flames come out freely.
Now give the oblations one by one.

Priest and the bridegroom : ( Offering a spoonful of ghee )

This is offered to Prajapati- god of creation. This belongs to him and not to me.
This is offered to the sacred fire. This belongs to the holy fire, not to me.
This is offered to Soma. This belongs to Soma, not to me. (Offers ghee to the south of the fire.)

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