Lithuania-A Vedic Nation

  • By Major S N Mathur
  • November 4, 2022
  • Know in brief why Lithuania is a Vedic nation.

Lithuania is a nation in the Baltic and is one of the main nations in the mythological Prussian culture area. Their religious teacher, of the Romuva community, Jonas Trincunas, revealed that they were Rajputs and their community had Vedic culture. He was the first European foreign teacher to declare this publicly.  He was also honoured by the President of Lithuania with the highest state ‘Jonas Basanavieius Award’. 


Romuva is still conscious of its religion, culture and beliefs and is struggling to revive the mythological culture.  Although they are located in the Baltic region, their mythological cultural region is called Prussia, which includes the regions of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus, Kaliningrad (Russia) etc.


First published in Journal of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.


There are also many similarities in the Baltic countries.  These come under the Prussia cultural zone.  This very mythical region is associated with the Sanatan Hindu culture for centuries.  At some point of time, Poland and Lithuania had established a vast state in the alliance which stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.  They have similarities with deities like Surya (Saule), Lakshmiji (Laimi), Kali Maa (Laima) etc.  The Kalki god whom they call Vytis is inscribed in their national emblem, flag and coins. Lord Indra (Perkunos) is the main deity.  The swastika is their mythological auspicious symbol. Marriage practices are also similar. Many auspicious signs of Tantra and yantras from Sanatana Hindu culture are auspicious signs of Lithuanians.


When religious teacher Jonas Trincunas came to India, he requested to visit Chittorgarh.  He said that the people of Lithuania take inspiration from the history of Chittorgarh.  The Lithuanians fought a similar war with the church army for three hundred years.


Apostles of the Roman Empire had two armies of the Church, the Teutonic order and the Livonian order, who defeated other states and forced them to convert. The Livonian order was established in Latvia.


After the death of religious leader Jonas Trincunas, his wife Inija Trinkuniene became the high priestess of the Romuva community and is adorned with the title of Krive.


The language of the Baltic people is basically Sanskrit. Lithuanians consider India as their second homeland. The Romuva community and the Lithuanians have lived a life of struggle for thousands of years and the Lithuanian knights have preserved their Vedic culture and civilisation even today.  We Indians are proud of them.


For these reasons, Gayatri Parivar’s Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar bestowed religious guru Jonas Trinkunas and his wife and current religious Guru Mata Inija Trinkuniene with honorary doctorates.  Not only this, they have also established a department of Lithuanian language in their university. This is a beautiful initiative. 


The famous Lithuanian singer Vetra has won the heart of every Indian by singing the national song ‘Vande Mataram’.


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