Debate between Sankara and Mandana Misra

  • By Swami Tapasyananda
  • May 2016

Editor – The debate between Sankara and Mandana Misra is very popular.  Respected Shri T N Sethumadhavaniji had written about it – attracts lots of visitors. Through a friend I contacted a senior professor of philosophy in the Banaras Hindu University and asked which book best captured the debate. He suggested this one – an extract from a book titled ‘Sankara Digvijaya’. But BHU did not have a copy. Called Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and the publishers in Chennai – they do did not have copies.

Eventually the BHU prof suggested I call K J SOMAIYA BHARATIYA SANSKRITI PEETHAM. I called and they had it. They were very nice to give to send me a photocopy of the chapter. Lots of Dhanyavad to them.

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Courtesy and copyright Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore, Chennai. To buy book online  Click here

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