Science and Philosophy of Our Inner Transformation



This article covers the following – 


1. Our Inner Time: Psychological and Physiological.

2. The Architecture of Our Subconscious and Conscious mind

“Spiritual life is an attempt to go beyond the limitations of our present state and can be achieved only by transforming the conscious mind.”

The unconscious mind, apart from the instinctive drives, is a storehouse of samskaras or past tendencies.”

Apart from the intellect, the conscious mind comprises concepts, emotions, imagination, and intuition.”

The next higher level is the awakening of the intuitive mind, being a part of the superconscious mind, which sets in motion spiritual powers.”

3. Transformation: The Role of Neuroplasticity.


4. Some Indications of Inner Transformation are Tolerance, New Set of Values, Sensitivity, Suffering, Acceptance, Non-attachment, Sublimation of Ego and The Golden Law of Adjustment.

5. Excerpts from Conclusion.

If the intentions and practices are sincere, selfless, and unwavering, matters are so arranged that one shall acquire requisite aids for spiritual pursuit from the so-called distorted medium as occasions arise. Thus, all the so called resistance would cease, the personality becomes a fit vehicle for the transmission of perfection, as is illustrated in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, which has this to say about the practice of truthfulness: ‘Once a state of truth has been permanently established, each statement will form the basis for a truthful result."

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