The Essence of Yogavaasishtha

  • By Sri Jnanananda Bharati
  • June 2014

Editor – We present excerpts from this outstanding book titled ‘The Essence of Yogavaasishtha’. It is compiled by Sri Jnanananda Bharati Translated by SAMVID. It gives each verse in Sanskrit followed by English translation.

‘Yogavaasishtha Maharamayana is reputed to consist of 32,000 slokas. According to the late Sri Bhagwan Das, Pandit Vrindavana Sarasvata of Kashi, who had read this book 165 times it consisted of 32,000 slpkas. However, printed editions consist of nearly 28,000 slokas.

It is not easy to condense such a great book of Vedanta. There is an abridgement known as Laghu Yogavaasisththa Sangraha which forms the text of this publication is a condensation of the original in 1698 slokas. Sri Swami Jnanananda Bharati who made this compilation, maintaining the continuity and retaining the flow of the reaching, should have read the Yogavaasistha several times and mastered it, as a perusal of this work will show.

The name of the work derives from the fact that is in the form of replies given by Vasishtha to the queries of Sree Raama.’

In this PDF file we share publishers note, preface, book Index and chapter 24 titled ‘The Story of Bhageeratha’. If you wish to buy book email id referred to above or call Chennai 044 24349216. Book cost Rs 350/.

To read PDF file.

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