India contribution to China

India and the Arab World

Some of India’s contributions to the Arab world are: 

1. Thanks to works by Brahmagupta, the Arabs came to know about the system of astronomy.
2. During the 8th and 9th centuries Indians became teachers of Algebra and Arithmetic to the Arabs and through them to the West.
3. During the reign of the Caliphate of Harun Al-Rashid they encouraged Indian scholars to  visit Baghdad and translate into Arabic Sanskrit, the books on medicine and pharmacology, philosophy etc. The founder of the ruling family was a Buddhist and  had an affinity for Indian culture.
4. The decimal notation based on the place value of the first nine numbers and the use of zero revolutionized the Science of Maths.
5. Indian influence was notable in the development and growth of Sufism. Buddhist works were translated into Arabic during the period.
6. After the military conquest of Mecca by the Prophet, he entered the sanctuary and smashed its many idols. These idols are said to have been three hundred and sixty in number, representing “Truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished.” Idol worship indicates influence of Indian culture and religion.

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