Jain philosophy simplified

  • By Shri Narottamdas Kapasi
  • July 2002


117. Committing Theft is a sin; your avarice will induce you to commit theft.  Therefore avoid avarice.
118. To commit theft don’t cause or create fear in others. Don’t torture others, to look innocent people. Thirst for theft is insatiable; Your loved once lose their love for you. Stealing of something belonging to another is theft.
119. Jain Munies take only that which is offered to them by its owner.  They cannot take even a bladé of grass, unless offered to him.
A Jain Muni does not even touch money. The question of theft, therefore, Does not arise in his case.
120. Definition of ‘theft’ is wide, A ruler, who with an eye on the wealth of another Rules, wages a war and comes out victorious, is regarded as a thief as per Jain scriptures.  He is also a killer, as he kills the ruler of people and people themselves.

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