Mystery of Creation - Some Vedantic concepts

It will be observed from the foregoing discussion that the riddle of the universe is the extraordinary secret which baffled man ever since he began to think deeply and which, as Rajaji puts it, must ever remain an insoluble paradox.

In the Vedas, the Upanishads and other Hindu scriptures the creation of the perceived universe is described over and over again in a bewildering variety of ways that often seem to contradict one another. This is because the human intellect being finite or limited cannot comprehend the Infinite or the Unlimited – Brahman - which has no qualities or attributes amenable for description.

But beneath all these apparent differences and contradictions, there is one fundamental principle which reveals to us that creation is a continuous process in which appearance, continuance and disintegration or otherwise understood as birth; life and death are no more than different stoppages in the same circular journey of repeated rounds. Nothing disintegrates or dies absolutely. It merely merges in the flux of the cosmic entity to reappear or be reborn in another form.

Creation cannot, therefore, be known by the same method by which objects can be known. In that sense it cannot be known at all but can only be mentally apprehended by introspection and meditation.

Hence, with a drawn match behind us, we have to return to the pavilion where the brilliantly lit banner of Rig Veda proudly proclaims that even the Gods perhaps may not have the solution to the eternal puzzle of the mystery of creation.

We can only speculate and agree that “There is not one chance in a trillion that life on Earth is an accident. Just look at the sun, the moon and everything within our universe. How can something so complex be a coincidence? It can't be that easy. It must mean that everything was planned, designed, shaped and created. Then, there must be a Creator. Who is this Creator? Why has he created us? Surely, this Creator is all high and all mighty, worthy of praise, appreciation and remembrance. The ultimate form of praise, appreciation and remembrance for such a being would manifest itself as worship. Which is exactly why He has created us”. - Deccan Chronicle dated .29-11-2009.

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