Life is for office use only

In an application form for a school/ college or passport or driving license, etc., there is a section that says - for office use only. That is something that we don’t have to care about filling. Life is just like that. All we need to do is to be aware of what all is happening in this moment and be mindful in our reactions to all of it. Rest all is ‘for office use only’. If we have unconditional faith in life, then our reactions will not be contaminated by feelings of fear and insecurity about life. All that will be there will be love for self and others. One will be sure that all that he needs in this moment will be provided to him to run this life and hence will not fall into the trap of desires followed by sorrow and suffering.

Desires always cause discontentment and sorrow. True luxury is when one doesn’t need anything for being complete or happy. This is because everything in life is temporary. So even if you get what you want, a time comes when you might lose it. And at that time, if your happiness depended on that thing, then losing it will lead you to suffering. Luxury of life is when one is content with the decision of life and has full trust in the wisdom of the life force that runs the whole universe so beautifully and with amazing synchronization.

When one is fully content with what is in life now and here, then one is happy in the present moment and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Then he accepts all that is, as it is, without fear or doubt about now or future. Then one doesn’t need to judge anything as good or bad, right or wrong, as everything is ‘correct’ in the larger sense. One knows he is not the doer anyways and hence there is no pride or guilt about any actions performed through him. One feels at home in that moment, completely safe and at peace.

There is nothing to do, nowhere to go in order to achieve perfection in life. Life is just perfect as it is with this body and awareness about self and life. Then he is also fearless, because desires always have a subtle element of fear in them, which ceases when desires cease. Then one knows only love. He loves himself and loves all that is in life. Then he wants to explore life through his body and thoughts, but just as a play with no desires per se.

Thank life for all that it is. Trust the wisdom of life as it presents itself to you, now. Know also that you are life itself and a part of its wisdom.

Each and every moment in our life is basically how the universe is evolving or acting out at that time through you….whether it is a moment of happiness, sorrow, anger, greed, guilt, pride, being right, being wrong, etc. It is all correct because it is a moment of the universe in the universe. We are just the eyes of the universe to see itself. Therefore there is no judgment of any sort that is required or anything that needs to be corrected for life to be right. It’s all correct as it is. And that also means that we are correct as we are. We are the awareness that we are alive. Each cell of our body is controlled by the universe and so it is self sufficient. We can observe the aliveness of each cell of our body and so can connect with each one of them. And that is the final purpose of a human life….to bring out this awareness from within.

We must be comfortable with not knowing what’s gonna happen next. Rather we must not know anything about anything and just surrender ourselves to this moment. Only then can the universe act through us in its original form. Till the time we are unhappy with the decisions of the universe and doubt them, it will obstruct the flow of the universe.

We must accept ourselves exactly as we are. We must love all the aspects of our life. Thank all the things in our life and love them unconditionally. No expectations from a person or situation, because we are in agreement with what universe has given us in this moment and so we don’t need anything else now. Later, whatever will be given, will also be fine. God knows more about what we need than what we may want.

We are perfect as the manifestation of the universe in this moment. We must be kind and compassionate to all, including our own selves. We must think high of ourselves. Most importantly, it should be effortless. All fears about survival in life are just thoughts which have to be let gone through awareness. We must also empower people with our loving and positive vibrations. Let’s become fearless in life!!

Let’s make love for all and gratitude our natural state of being. Let’s stop being guilty about our current state of life and others’ opinions about ourselves. Be connected to life and tell life to show up whatever it wants to. We know it will be in our interest. Be positive about life’s wisdom about future. Trust life, unconditionally, without any doubt and see life working for us. One must keep asking life (without fear and expectations about tomorrow); what it wants him to do. What’s its message for him? And then, don’t wait for an answer, have no expectations. Just keep asking and moving ahead in life with awareness.

The author is an ex-banker and now an entrepreneur. He also gives talks on personality development, grooming, spirituality and motivation.

Editor – here is a recent conversation I had with a friend Juhi. A common friend say Pat called Juhi and asked both of us out for dinner this Saturday to meet her friend who had come from Australia. Pat was unusually warm on the phone with Juhi. When Juhi spoke to me she wondered why and how Pat was so warm? Juhi was a bit perplexed and said ‘I cannot figure out Pat’. My response was ‘why on earth do you want to figure out Pat. Happily accept the invitation and have a nice evening’.

One of the problems with all of us is that we are trying to figure the other person out because it makes me feel in control of the situation, feel secure. Thus energy is wasted on something that is outside our control. My approach is not to read too much into situations and words. Enjoy what comes your way while being alert and aware.

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