How social media platforms can build personal branding


Trying to be a better realtor, investor, and entrepreneur is tough. To keep on top of the game, one should understand the value of social media. Social media is the best source that can allow entrepreneurs to build community and engage with the customers. One such entrepreneur who used social media at its best to present him as a sociable entrepreneur is, Rohit Reddy, Real estate Moghul of Hyderabad.


Rohit Reddy is a young, passionate real estate builder and the founder of Signature Developers. But, architecture, interior designing, and construction weren't the only fields he was interested in. He is a fitness freak and his style statement is impressive. He is considered to be the most stylish businessman of Hyderabad. 


With the upswing of powerful personalities on social media, it is pertinent for entrepreneurs to build personal branding. Rohit Reddy is sensible enough to use social media to build personal branding. He understands the fact that your business means nothing if no one knows who you are. RR doesn't use social media just to promote his brand or projects. He shares his personal stories and sprinkles a few tidbits here and there about his brand. He is firmly convinced that when personal branding is done in the right way in social media, there is no need to work on company branding separately. 


As an entrepreneur, he ensures that he has a strong online presence. Being a fitness freak, he has created personal branding and gained popularity in social media through his fitness posts. Through his posts, he has made his followers know what he stands for and why he believes in that so strongly. This has made him get more followers who strongly count on his opinions and his brands'. 


He has been putting a good deal of effort into maintaining an inspiring Instagram presence. Rohit Reddy has around 5 lakh followers on Instagram. Rohit Reddy is worth a follow beyond the fact that he is an entrepreneur. From daily workout pics to trending videos related to real estate, his Insta page is a gold mine for fitness lovers and other budding entrepreneurs. One can go on to watch the videos he posts and follow his recommendations too.


Rohit Reddy is upfront and open about his views which wins over his followers and makes his brand more reliable. He happily answers any questions posted by his followers, which makes him a very approachable entrepreneur on social media. This has certainly strengthened his brand value.

The effort he has put into personal branding has reflected in his business. His style statement has made him the most followed entrepreneur in Hyderabad. People go on to believe that his style statement can be witnessed in his real estate projects which have made him become a successful entrepreneur in a short period.


If you're an entrepreneur wondering how best to use social media platforms, We'd recommend taking a look at what Rohit Reddy is doing.

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