The Bhagwatam Diary 2004

  • By Sri Aurobindo


1. Neither the great sages not the Gods can understand the Lord. Just like an actor acting in various disguises the Lord is acting and his ways are inscrutable. (VIII_3-6)

2/3. Lord, you are the pure consciousness of absolute bliss and the Lord of liberation. One can attain you only through selfless service and by increasing the Sattwa guna. Salutations to you. (VIII-3-11)
4. Lord is bereft of all attributes and beyond all gunas. Those who are steeped in their attachment to the body, son, friends, house, wealth and relatives can never hope to attain. He can be realized as pure consciousness in their own hearts through renunciation. Salutations to that Lord. (VIII-3-18)

5. Happiness lies in being content with whatever one gets. Person who has no control over his mind will continue to be dissatisfied even if he were to be bestowed with the riches of all the three worlds. (VIII-19-24)

6. All the devotees live in my heart and I Reside in the heart of my devotees. They know nothing but me and I know nothing else but my devotees. (IX-4-68)

7. Lord, I do not desire for either liberation or immense mystic powers. Grant me that I shall abide in the heart of all human beings, experience all their sorrows and miseries and thus spare them all from their sufferings. (IX-21-12)

8. I (the Lord) am in the control of my devotees as if I am not independent. I, being fond of my devotees, they rule over my (the Lord’s) heart. (IX-4-63)

9/10. Lord, may my speech be devoted to extol your glories, my ears in hearing them, my hands in serving you, my mind glued to your holy feet, my head in prostrating to the world where you reside and my eyes in seeing your devotees who are verily your embodiment. (X-10-38)

11. Lord, there are people who strive for knowledge alone disregarding the path of devotion which is a stream leading to liberation straightaway. They get nothing for the effort they put in. (X-14-4)

12. The devotee who awaits and prays for lord’s Grace, one who coolly submits to his destiny which is a result of his past deeds and the one who surrenders his heart, speech and body to the Lord by prostrating becomes automatically entitled for liberation. (X-14-8)

13. What a gross ignorance of people! Knowing the Lord to be the self within all and also as one with the transcendental Supreme being, people search for God outside. (X-14-27)

14. The house is a prison, desires are the thieves and delusion is the chain binding the legs only so long as one does not surrender himself to the Lord and becomes solely His. (X-14-36)

15. O’ Divine Mother Katyayani! You are the great delusive power of the Lord, and the controller of the world. Please grant that Lord Krishna becomes our husband. Salutations to you. (X-22-4)

16/17. Vouchsafe to us, O heroic Lord, the nectar of Your lips, which heightens our enjoyment and destroys all grief, nay, which is fully enjoyed by the flute sounded by You and makes people forget all other attachments. (X-31-14)

18. O’ Lord! We have all come to you after renouncing our husbands, children, family-honor and our relatives in search of you, lured by your musical call. Is it fair on your part to abandon us at this hour of darkness? (X-31-16)

19. Lord, grant me a boon. Let me be born as a creeper or a blade of grass in the Holy place of Brindavan so as to have an opportunity to inhale the dust of the feet of these Gopika women who unhesitatingly sought refuge in the Lord abandoning all their near and dear ones and even transgressing all moral, ethical and social laws. (X-47-61)

20. Lord, your glories sung by your devotees have entered into my ears and dispelled my sufferings. On hearing of your unexcelled beauty also, my mind seeks you shamelessly. (X-52-37)

21. O’ Supreme Lord, all the great holy men and gods take the dust of your feet for eradicating the darkness of their ignorance. If your Grace does not fall on me now I shall continue to seek you and leave my body through fasting even if it were to take hundreds of births more till you are compelled to relent and accept me. (X-52-43)

22. My Lord, the sole master of the entire world, is one who gives himself to the devotees who think of Him constantly, what to speak of wealth and enjoyments if one seeks for them, even though they are not desirable for a sadhak. (X-80-11) (Last two lines)

23/24. I (God) slowly deprive a person of his wealth, on whom I shower my grace. His own kith and kin also will abandon him on seeing him penniless and suffering. (X-88-8)

25. Whatever actions a person performs with his body, speech, mind, senses, intellect and due to natural tendencies, all of them should be dedicated to the Lord. (XI-2-36)

26. Wherever we fail to see unity of object & subject but see multiplicity of objects, it will give rise to fear. The one who moves away from the Lord, loses the awareness of his true self. This is all due to the delusive power of Maya of the Lord. This can be overcome by worshipping the Lord who is also present in all the beings and as the Guru (master). (XI-2-37)

27. Though, in reality, it has no existence of its own, the objective world seems to exist apart from the seer like the contents of a dream. As the world is an imagination of the mind, one should try to control the mind. (XI-2-38)

28. In order to control the mind, one should move about without any attachment to the worldly object, constantly chanting and hearing the names and glories of the Supreme Lord. (XI-2-39)

29. One should consider the rivers, the ocean and all the beings as also the sky, air, water, fire, earth, trees etc. as the portion of the Lord and mentally prostrate before them all. (XI-2-41)

30/31. By practicing the path the of devotion one can get simultaneously three things viz. intense love for God, detachment from worldly objects and the experience of God’s presence all times. (XI-2-42)

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