The Bhagwatam Diary 2004

  • By Sri Aurobindo


2. Unless a man does expiation or purification for the sins committed through his mind, speech and body (senses) in that very birth, he will have to undergo severe suffering in the hell. (VI-1-7)

3. One should do the appropriate expiatory actions for the sins committed by him well before death just like a physician treating a disease with appropriate remedies. (VI-1-8)

4. A sinner can never get as purified only by means of austerities etc. as by serving the devotees of the Lord and dedicating his entire life to Him. (VI-1-16)

5. When once a person’s mind gets attached intensely to the Lord, he gets absolved of all his sins and neither the lord of death nor any of His emissaries can even approach him. (VI-1-19)

6. Sun, fire, sky, air, the senses, the moon, Evening (sandhya), day time, all the directions, water, earth, time and the Lord of righteousness are the eternal witnesses who keep an eye on a man’s actions and report to the cosmic auditor. (VI-1-42)

7/8. An ignorant man who has not yet conquered the six enemies viz. Lust, anger, greed etc. is made to perform actions even though unwillingly. Like a silk worm he is under a delusion inside the cocoon of activity. (VI-1-52)

9. No body can remain, even for a moment, without doing some activity. His natural propensities will compel him to perform actions. (VI-1-53)
10. However worst a sinner may be, he is released from his sin by just uttering the simple name ‘NARAYANA’ of the Lord. (VI-2-8)

11. Whether one is a thief, a drunkard, a traitor, a murderer, or one given to regicide, patricide etc. even the greatest of these sins one washed off either by taking the name of the Lord or by remembering Him. (VI-2-9 & 10)

12. If a person’s mind is inclined to repeat the same sin again and again, even after performing expiatory rituals for a particular sin, it is of no use. Singing the glories of the Lord is the only way to uproot the sin totally along with its tendency to repeat it. (VI-2-12)

13. Even if Lord’s name is taken casually in just, as a secret code word or to insult somebody, without meaning it, it is capable of eradication all the sins of a man. (VI-2-14)

14/15. There is no better way to snap the chain of past actions in respect of aspirants for liberation than to chant the glories of the Lord so that the mind will no more be tempted to act under the compulsions of Rajas or Tamas. (VI-2-46)

16. Beyond all the gods there is a Supreme Lord who is woven into the world like the thread in a cloth piece. He controls the entire world by creating, sustaining and dissolving it through his deputies. (VI-3-12)

17. Him, neither the senses, mind, the vital force, the heart or the speech can comprehend or reveal. He resides in the hearts of all beings as a Witness but distinct from and untainted by them. (VI-3-16)

18. The rules relating to the worship of the Lord have been laid down by the Lord Himself. Neither gods nor sages can claim knowledge of them. Neither men nor people with demonical tendencies or demigods can ever hope to understand them. (VI-3-19)

19. The messengers of the Lord of Death can never dare approach those devotees with equal vision who have surrendered themselves to the Lord and are always protected by the weapons of God. (VI-3-27)

20. The messengers of Lord Yama shall certainly drag those to the hell, who have never uttered Lord’s name, never remembered the Lord nor bowed down their head in prostration. Such people have never done a single act to please the Lord. (VI-3-29)

21/22. The highest duty of a good son is to look after and serve his parents. This is incumbent even on married sons with sons of their own, not to speak of the unmarried ones. (VI-7-28)

23. The Guru is verily the form of Brahma, the father of Prajapati, the brother of Indra (king of gods) and the Mother of the MOTHER EARTH. (VI-7-29)

24. Let us all take refuge in that Supreme Being who is transcendental but also manifest as our personal deities and has taken the form of the entire world. He is both the Purusha and the Prakriti (the Primordial nature). May He shower auspiciousness on us. (VI-9-27)

25. This is the eternal law of virtue followed by all holy sages that people should sympathize with their fellow-beings in their sorrow and be happy at their happiness. (VI-10-9)

26. Lord never grants to the persons totally devoted to Him any of the riches available in all the three worlds as these riches are the cause of enmity, fear, worry, pride, conflict and other miseries. (VI-11-22)

27. Lord is easy of access only to those devotees who have no sense of possession. Hence it is that He frustrates the ambitions of those devotees who strive for fulfillment in acquisition of merits (through righteous deeds), of wealth or worldly enjoyments or material prosperity. (VI-11-23)

28/29. Lord, grant me that in every birth I am born as a slave of your devotees, continue to remember you and sing your praises while my body is devoted in serving you. (VI-11-24)

30. Lord, I do not want the heaven, the seat of Brahma the creator, to be a sovereign monarch or to be the ruler of the richest region of the nether world. I do not even want liberation (Moksha) I want nothing but you yourself. (VI-11-25)

31. My beloved Lord, my mind has such an anguishing longing to see you as the fledglings have for their mother or as the hungry calves have for their mother’s return or as a loving wife has for her husband who has gone out of town on tour. (VI-11-26)

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