The Bhagwatam Diary 2004

  • By Sri Aurobindo


1. Lord, I do not mind being entangled in the cycle of birth and death provided you ensure that I have always the company of your holy devotees. But Lord, do not put me ever in the company of those people whose minds are steeped in their own body, son, life-partner and houses. (VI-11-27)

2. Just like the grains of sand brought together by the current of the river water, living beings are united and then separated by the flow of Time. (VI-15-3)

3. With the help of basic elements, the Lord creates, sustains and finally dissolves all the beings of the world. He plays with His creatures without any purpose of His own just like a child in play. (VI-15-6)

4/5. After great difficulty, while wandering in various births as a result of past actions, luckily this human body has been obtained. It is for us to use this precious body either as a gateway to the heaven or to liberation or to the lower strata of animals. (VII-13-24)
6. As a result of cultivating the company of holy men, one should detach himself from one’s consort, son, body etc. just like a person losing interest in the dream world after waking up. (VI-14-4)

7. One should never involve himself in matters of house but freely assent to all the suggestions offered by his parents, sons, brothers, friends etc. (VI-14-6)

8. A wise householder who is satisfied with what he has, though detached from the body and his house, should behave outwardly like a common man who is attached to the world. Vi-14-5)

9. Just as ornaments of gold kept for sale rotate from hand to hand, similarly the soul also wanders from womb to womb and birth to birth. (VI-16-6)

10. Relationship of men with any object is seen to be impermanent. So long as the relationship lasts, one can claim it as one’s own. (VI-16-7)

11/12. The soul which takes birth is permanent and has no ego sense by itself. So long as it remains in a body it will stake its claim to it as “mine”. (VI-16-8)

13. The waking, dreaming and sleeping states of a man are all the places where the soul wanders during the cosmic dream of the Supreme self. They are all projections of Maya. One should know that one is the transcendental self who is the witness of these states. (VI-16-54)

14. When the soul forgets its identification with the Supreme Lord and considers itself as different, it becomes subject to the cycle of birth and death. (VI-16-57)

15. The one who fails to realize one’s Self after having attained a human body with the vast potentiality of infinite knowledge, will never get peace of mind. (VI-16-58)

16. People do various activities with the sole intention of release from sorrows and for attaining happiness. However, in actual practice, they fail to achieve their objective. (VI-16-60)

17. Things lost on the way are found to be well preserved. Things securely kept in the house get destroyed when He wills so. Even a person lost alone in the forest lives by the grace of God while he perishes even in the security of the house. Lord’s will be done. (VII-2-40)

18/19. The Loving devotion of a person to the Lord can take any of the nine forms-viz. remembrance, hearing and chanting Lord’s glories, serving Him, ritualistic worship, prostrating to Him, being His servant or companion and surrendering himself to the Lord. (VII_5-23)

20. The inclination of a mind towards God can prevent all calamities. It cannot happen until one bathes himself in the dust of the feet of holy saints whose only possession is the Lord. (VII-5-32)

21. The human birth is extremely rare but precious though impermanent. One should start adopting the path of devotion to God even from his boyhood. (VII-6-1)

22. The householder who spends his life time looking after his family never gets disgusted with it though he suffers from all kinds of miseries. He refuses to understand how such a deluded life is suicidal to his own interests. (VII-6-14)

23. Some of the methods of developing intense love and devotion for the Lord are serving one’s matter (Guru) with sincere devotion, surrendering all possessions to the Lord, association with devotees and saints and by worshipping the Lord ritualistically. (VII-7-30)

24.For how long can these transient object-viz. wealth, life partner, land, house, sons, cows and elephants continue to give enjoyment to a man whose life span is uncertain? (Vii-7-39)

25/26. God is pleased only by pure and intense Love. Charity, austerities, sacrifice, vows, purity and all else is only a self-deception. (VII-7-52)

27. All the worldly pleasure are as false as a mirage. The body is the nursery where all diseases grow. It is a pity that still persons do not get renunciation and on the contrary try to satisfy their insatiable flame of desire with drops of these worldly pleasures. (VII-9-25)

28. O’ Lord, if at all you insist on giving me a boon of my choice, grant me that no desire for any boon shall ever arise in my heart. (VII-10-7)

29. O’ Lord, it is only a child’s play for you to redeem the people entangled in the Sansar. Your grace will have meaning only when they fall on undeserving fools rather than those who deserve it by serving your devotees. (VII-9-42)

30. Daily we see the miserable plight of the greedy & rich people incapable of controlling their minds and spending sleepless nights due to fear and suspicion from all quarters. (VII-13-31)

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