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  1. Comment By - seema burman Date - 09 Jul 2013 Time - 5:02AM
  2. There are several stories of Ramayana as this leela is enacted by God in every yuga. Purpose is to allow all yugas to enjoy Ramayana and krishna leela.We read Tulsi and Valmiki and reading others is like exploring. Why explore as the purpose is solved by Tulsi and Valmiki? Bringing things like Sita was Ravana`s daughter not only distracts and confuses but serves nothing. These things are brought up not to learn from the scripture but to create sensation.

  3. Comment By - Suhas Chande Date - 07 Jul 2013 Time - 9:14PM
  4. Mandore is considered the birthplace of Mandodari, the wife of Ravana. It was called Mandavyapur in the past, and belonged to the kingdom of Mayarashtra (today`s Meerut) ruled by her father Mayasura - a master architect and builder, the same guy who also built the Mayasabha in Yudhishthira`s Indraprastha. The Uttar - Ramayana gives the story of the birth of Mandodari as an apsara called Madhura who has an affair with Shiva and is cursed by Parvati to become a frog for 12 years, after which she becomes a girl and is adopted by Mayasura and his wife Hema. Ravana got married in Mandavyapur, and Mandodari is also believed to have given birth to their first child here. It was prophesied that their first child would be the cause of Ravana`s downfall. Hence he ordered the first-born, a daughter to be taken out of the kingdom and disposed off. This child was left in a field, where she was found by king Janak (incidentally, Janak was the surname - his name was Seerdhwaja - 12th in the line of the Janak khandaan) and was named Seeta (which means a furrow in the earth - where she was found). Whatever may be the truth behind all this, it is a fact that Mandore and surrounding areas are the only place in North India where Ravana is revered. In fact there are people there who claim to be his descendents and there was also a temple planned for him a few years back. Not sure if it has been completed.

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