Pushkar Mela

By Prateek Nayak | 2020

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1. Rajasthan is famous for being colourful, Beauty in art and culture. This album showcases the Pushkar Fair ie held in November every year (22-30 Nov 2020). U get to see colourfully dressed locals, some dressed only for photographers, cultural programs and devotees from across India, lots of foreigners as well. Pic is of a Puppet made in Rajasthan.

2. Pushkar is one of the many holy pilgrimages in India. I could feel the spirituality in Pushkar. It has 52 ghats, is about a 30 minute drive from Ajmer and surrounded by Aravalli Mountains.

3. Pic taken from Savitri Mata Temple ie top of a hill. From here one gets a bird’s eye view of Pushkar City. In the center is the holy sarovar where devotees take a holy dip.

4. You can take the Cable car to the temple or use stairs. Either way u get a great view whilst going to temple. Saw a couple of pani puri shops close to steps, they tempt devotees before and after temple visit.

5. People wear colourful and vibrant outfits. The atmosphere is festival like and colourful. The mela time is a great time to be in Pushkar. There is a positive buzz all around.

6. The old and the young enjoying games during the fair/mela.

7. A bit away from the market is the camel fair. All I will say Pushkar is a paradise for photographers, explorers and artists.

8. Animals are the main attraction of this fair. Thousands of farmers and cattle owners take part in this esp camels. To attract buyer attention and photographers camel bodies are decorated in a creative way.

9. Pushkar also attracts bikers because of its sand dunes and beauty. If I remember correctly there is a place where they can camp.

10. Various types of herbs and local medicines are available essentially for animals and sold by farmers. Pushkar is a paradise for shoppers, just about everything is available – garments, bags, silver jewellery and street food.

11. The fair/mela is for nine days. People camp in tents as you can see. Some come in their vehicles, others in tractors or local bus. If u want to see camels go in the first few days. To enjoy Kartik Purnima aarti and festivities go towards the end.

12. A girl acting like Goddess Mahakali. She is so kind and generous so I took her picture with perfect composition.

13. Streets are filled with a positive energy and happy environment which makes you feel so calm and peaceful.

14. Picture is of my Grandfather who is always in the traditional outfit of Rajasthan. He also took part in an attractive Moustache Competition in Pushkar.

15. The place where I saw that these animals were not just there animals, the owners were behaving like they are their kids.

16. Pushkar has numerous temples including the Brahama temple. You need a full day to visit all temples. Aarti on ghats and key temples are a must experience. Since Pushkar attracts lot of foreign tourists, one gets all type of food.

17. Traditional embroidery on sale - cushion covers..

18. Muscular safari open cars are available for tourists and visitors.

19. A small boy dressed up as Sri Krishna. The whole market of Pushkar is so attractive. Pushkar is a must visit esp during mela period.

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