Gir National Park

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If you wish to spot wildlife need atleast 3 to 4 days.The Gir Intrepratation Zone at Devalia has some lions in captive but seeing them in the open is a different experience altogether. I had no words to express when I saw this picture. Chal tho dekho.

Gir is 60 kms from Junagarh and 360 kms from Amdavad. One can take a train from Amdavad to Jungarh or Rajkot and then hire a car. Lions with pubs.

A permit for entering the park is obtained at the Sinh Sadan Orientation Centre, open 7pm-11am and 3pm-5:30pm. A 35-40 km driving route through the park is maintained for visitors.

This is an amazing picture. Always travel with an Official or experienced guide.

A group of lions with their pubs. For more information, contact the Forest Dept. at Sasan Gir, Tel: 02877 285541.

Gir is well known for the Asiatic Lions. Asiatic Lion is one of the seven sub-species of lions on this planet. Its scientific name is `Panthera Leo Persica`. You see lion in the centre with back on the ground.

Another super picture. The Gir National Park is a mixed deciduous forest with teak, flame of the forest, some Acacia and Banyan trees.

Enjoying nature. But Gir is not just about Lions, the second most commonly found predator in the Gir is Leopard.

The best period to visit the Gir Sanctuary is between the months of November and June.

A side close up view.

Eating the prey a deer.

A kestrel in the sky.

Sun rise at Gir.

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