Bylakuppe Coorg

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About 5 kms from Kushalnagar is the Namdroling Tibetan Monastery,  popularly known as the Golden Temple. It is very well maintained and one feels at peace with this world.  It is a very big monastry, with very well laid out buildings  and fully landscaped.  Statue inside the Golden Temple.

Teaching classes inside the Sera. You can drive there from Bangalore by your own car—a five hour journey--or from Mysore, which takes around two hours.

Monk listening to his teacher. This settlement of Tibetans was founded in 1960 after the Dalai Lama fled from Tibet to India.

View of the Golden temple.

You see students being taught in the temple.

Spiritual session on concentration.

Teacher walks by the students.

Outside view of one of the temple in the complex.

View of the Golden Temple from the temple complex.

Monk watching an art created on the walls of the golden temple.

Monks using their instruments during their prayer session.

Prayers written on cloth pieces which is tied to the trees, the prayers will be taken all over the place by the wind.

A reflection of the gold statute on the floor.

Prayer session for young Buddhist monks.

Top angle view of the teaching session.

The picture from the Lamp lighting room.

A senior monk going through one his daily routine.

Statues of different Buddhist Gods. Please correct am not sure.

A young monk disturbed by my photography during his teaching session.

A shot of the golden temple during sunset.

The art work on the main door on the entrance of the temple.

Monk offering prayers by turning the wheels. Saw something similar at the Dalai Lama Palace temple in Dharamshala.

You see a Monk.

In the main building one can see three huge statues, all  with gold cladding, with Buddha (60 feet) in the center, Guru Rinpoche on his left and Buddha Amitayus on his right.

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