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The Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum is amazing. This album has sand museum and flower shows pics. Since I visited Mysuru during Dussehra there was a flower display. In Indian tradition we offer pranams to Ganesha first. This museum is no different.

The museum is built around themes. From Ganesha turn right. First theme is Wildlife. Centre is peacock, above that giraffe, left is snake, right is tale of a crocodile etc.

Close up with child. Wildlife is part of nature. The museum is an `excellent example of creative brilliance, sand sculpture museum offers a creative setting with artistic works. Intricate carvings on the sand, delicateness of the sculptures and their unique themes` make it with a visit.

Crocodile, elephant, lion and think leopard on top. Museum displays about 150 sculptures in 16 themes spread over 13,500 feet.

Close up of lion. Look at the eyes - so nicely done.

Temple in flower show. It opens at 9 am. Awesome work must visit. Garden is close to palace opp BSNL office.

Santa Claus. Sand sculptures were `created solely with sand and water and a small amount of glue`.

Arabian Nights. `This Sand sculpture Museum is the brainchild of MN Gowri, one of the leading sand sculptors of India.`

Horror stories. 115 truckloads of construction sand were used to create the museum.

Vintage Car. Makes u feel a car is really there.

Love is universal. Entry fee Rs 40/ per person. Worth every rupee. Please make it Rs 50/.

Peacock in flower show.

Sea-life. See how different forms are displayed. In centre lady with bottom part of body in snake form.

Man with oxygen cylinder under water.

Clock tower. Mysore is a lovely place to visit. Has so much to see, within the city and short excursions. Plan a six day trip.

Ancient man. Keep 2 days for Mysore, a day each for Somnathpura/Brindavan Gardens and Shravanabelgola and take a one day KSTDC tour to Coorg. I missed the Coorg bit - supposed to be wow esp post monsoons.

Ancient man. Extreme right is Mohenjo-Daro sculpture. Very little space to go back and get a full view. The museum is on a small plot of land. To enjoy go before noon when crowds are less. Reach at 8.45 am.

Sign of Zoroastrianism. Best part of Mysore is it is clean, get hotels at different price points and good food. You get local and north Indian food. Lots of street side shops selling pani puri, bhel puri, gajar ka halwa etc.

Life is incomplete without the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna and Arjuna on chariot. Horse face nicely done.

Side view. Do write the chapter wise commentary on the Holy Gita - section Spirituality.

Elephants in garden.

Zodiac Wheel.

This is the last and 26th Maharaja of Mysore, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar seated on this throne during Dussehra festival.

Dussehra procession. Till 1970 Maharaja sat on elephant as you see. Now murthi of Goddess Chamundeshwari is placed on Ambari during procession.

Dussehra procession. Till 1970 Maharaja sat on elephant as you see. Now murthi of Goddess Chamundeshwari is placed on Ambari during procession

Laughing Buddha.

Back to the flower show. Loved this. Roses looked super.

Goddess Chamundeshwari.

Front view. By seeing Her can experience the divinity. This place is a must visit.

Side view. There is a Folklore Arts Museum close by that I missed.

Garden very nicely maintained. During Dussehra Mysore is crowded. Police did a very good at managing crowds. One can walk around freely even though streets are packed

Side view on Ganesha`s left. It has Wildlife dislays. On other side is Goddess Chamundeshwari.

Horse side view. Very creative. Caption info taken from Click Here

Nicely decorated. This idea of worshiping the Divine as the Eternal Mother has not been developed in any other religion of the world.

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