Mookambika Temple

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"Mookambika temple is an ancient temple located at Kollur in Karnataka. It is 135kms from Mangalore. It is the only temple ie dedicated to goddess Parvathi and believed to be created by Parashurama. This temple is very well known among the people of Tamilnadu and the goddess Parvathi is called in Tamil as Thai Mookambika. Parvathi temple is located exactly on the banks of the perennial river Souparnika that runs close to the foot hills of the Western Ghats."

Entrance to temple and main sanctum. "At the Sri Mookambika temple the Lingam is the main deity and is known as Jyothirlingam." All narratives in inverted commas is from the offical temple site. Visit

Left of pic gold color is "dwajasthambha" - the flag post of the deity. During special festivals the flag of the deity is invariably hoisted after performing the prescribed rituals. On right is deepasthamba'' - has 21 beautiful concentric circles which appear very divine and similar to that of Makara Jyothi when all the lamps are lit and viewed from a distance.

Top of the temple are four Kirti Mukhs to ward off evil. "The Mookambika temple is renowned for its beauty and aesthetics, all over the world. Goddess Kollur Mookambika is adorned with flowers."

Temple complex very clean, devotees all peacefull waiting for darshan. Took this picture from one corner of temple. To read about History of Temple click here

All round the temple wall devotees stood in que like this. In front u can see a series of brass lamps or deepas. "The history of idol installation at Kollur Mookambika temple is nearly 1200 years old. King Halugallu Veera Sangayya is said to have laid the valuable stone to cover the inside premises."

Gold plated chariot. Shadow always came this is the best pic that I could get. "Adhi Shankaracharya is believed to be instrumental in Devi Mookambika taking Kollar as ber above. It is this place near the bank of Souparnika river that Adhi Shankarar stopped to fix the Chakram and on above it placed the Devi and this forms the central idol behind the Linga".

Devi put in palkhi (that you behind) and taken around temple thrice a day. A group of girls. Was very crowded on Sunday so difficult to get a clear shot. The drive from Kundapur to Kollur is through forests and very scenic. From Kollur I did a 160 kms drive thru the Ghats to Sringeri.

Wooden chariot inside temple compound. After temple darshan u must visit the 1400 metre high Kudassadri Hills. U drive ahead of temple from where u get jeeps. Was told the drive on rough roads takes 1.5 hours one way. On the hilltop is the Shankara Peedam where Adi Shankaracharya is said to have immersed himself into deep meditation. The entire structure is made of granite and resembles a "Meru" - a three dimensional form of the mystic design called the "Srichakram". One has to descent steeply on the western side of the hill to reach a holy cave called Chitramoola, another place where Adi Shankara meditated for several days."

All men supposed to remove shirt, banyan before going for darshan. U see a devotee putting banyan. My taxi broke down at Kundapur so got delayed could not go to Kusassadri Hills.

Devi taken in procession round the temple. I loved the temple, very special feeling. Am blessed to have gone there. Thank Uday driver who took me from Kundapur to Kollur and to Sringeri in good time. If u need his services call him at 8884363809.

Another view of the Devi being taken in procession.

After I think three rounds of the temple Devi taken and placed in the chariot. Some narrations taken from this site. To know more click here

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