India's love affair with Pakistan

And to top it India’s benevolent Indian Prime Ministers.
• Noted security expert B Raman reveals that, in an unguarded moment, PM Morarji Desai indiscreetly told Pakistani dictator Zia ul-Haq that he was aware of Islamabad's nuclear schemes Click here. It is unknown and debatable whether Morarji Desai was awarded the Nishaan-e-Pakistan, the country’s highest civilian award, for similar lapses or improvement in Indo-Pak relations.
• I K Gujral ordered that RAW would no longer conduct covert operations in Pakistan?
• In 2003 Vajpayee declared a unilateral cease fire in J&K, sponsored medical treatment of Pakistani children in Bangalore and got our cricket team to visit Pakistan in 2004, fill up the coffers of a bankrupt Pakistan Cricket Board.
• India granted Pakistan Most Favored Nation status.

The Pakis have not reciprocated to date but responded with one terror attack after another.

Can you think of a nation that has been attacked so often yet yearns to talk Peace! Self respect jaise koi cheez hai ki nahin?

Experience has taught the Pakis that they can continue to terrorize India who would cry -  talk tough for a while, appeal for world support, then succumb to world pressure and start talking once again till the next attack takes place.

How does India gain by talking to Pakistan?

She is the world’s second fastest growing economy, a vibrant democracy, has a large entrepreneurial and intellectual class, a dynamic private sector and a growing reputation in I.T., automobiles and pharma sectors.
Conversely Pakistan is known for anarchy and support to terrorism.

Yet India continues to undermine her strengths and talk to a rogue neighbor.

Is the Government of India willing to break off all relations with Pakistan? Or it she apprehensive that Pakistan will up the antennae in Kashmir, tip of its sleeper cells in India and create unrest in the North-East? And in tandem the West shall deny India nuclear technology ((Read HSBC Global Research report titled ‘India Nuclear Power’ dated 12 March 2009 to know why nuclear power is a non-starter).

Unfortunately some Indians want to, like their forefathers, have breakfast in Amritsar, lunch in Lahore and dinner in Kabul. Sections of the media support their dream by telling us how much the average Pakistani loves Indians as this link shows. ‘The Kapoor family, which has produced legends of the Indian film industry after migrating to India from Peshawar are still remembered by the people of Peshawar’. To see their ancestral home click here

Some countries do not learn from history!

Have used the short form Paki for Pakistani – no offense meant.

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