Bhaja Govindam - An effective Stress Management Technique

"Seek Govinda, Seek the God, Bhaja Govindam", in this refrain comprising of two words, Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada, has summed up in a nutshell as it were, the entire preaching of Vedanta and religion for the redemption of mankind. It gives us the key for entering into the realm of Bliss, the abode of Govinda and for terminating the misery of stress laden life we are in at present.

To summarize, Shankara suggests the following multifold strategy to achieve the objective of a stress free blissful life.
1.    Develop devotion to the Supreme Lord supported by Satsang.
2.    Devotion will enable us to calm the mind and control sense organs.
3.    By controlling the sense organs, the ruthless dominance of desires is     reduced and finally eliminated.
4.    Develop universal love and perceive unity in diversity which will lead to detachment and dispassion and create in you a more balanced view of life.

The Shankara method of playing the game of life assures one and all a sure win over the mighty enemy of worldly bondage leading to a real tension-free life.

Kathopanishad says “When all the desires that dwell in the heart are destroyed, then the mortal becomes immortal and he attains Brahman even here.”

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