Golden Pagoda Monestery

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We left RKM Deomali school at 5 am for Teju. In Sept it was very hot and humid. We drove thru tea gardens, Digboi, Namsai and eventually reach Golden Pakoda at Chowkham. U see an overview of the monastery, pic from south-western side.

Local name is Kongmu Kham and built in 2010 by some local people. It is situated on a hill, very peaceful and serene.

West view of the monastery from the main gate i.e. where we entered. From here we get a rear side view of the Buddha image.

South-western view. There is a image of a monk on left of pic. Can someone help with a caption. There was no explanation given.

A family from Tinsukia, Assam had come seeing. We met them at Parasramkund as well.

Image of Buddha. Front green image reminds me of a similar image I had seen at Emerald Buddha in Bangkok. To see pics Click here

A view from the monastery.

Those behind the Pakoda have made a huge complex along side it. It has a garden where on can sit and meditate (like in Bodh Gaya) and rooms where devotees can stay. Intent seems to be to have a meditation cum prayer centre.

Another view of the Buddha image. Notice the woodwork in ceiling.

Rear side view of Buddha image. To see pics of Bodh Gaya Mandir Click here

Wish someone could explain who the lady represents and symbolism of hair. Wish that those who make monuments put up boards explaining the significance so that devotees have a better appreciation and understanding of what they see. To see pics of Great Buddha Statue Click here

South-east view. In front is Buddha image, right of pic is Bell. Felt very nice after stopping by even though briefly. To see pics of Sarnath Click here

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