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On right of pic is white structure ie the temple. On left of pic you see a huge piece of rock in the water. Just opposite that is Parasuram Kund. The temple has an image of Sage Parasuram. After you cross the bridge it is a huge climb thru the hills. Took this pic from a height.

We left RKM Deomali at 5 am to reach Tezu by 6 pm. Enroute was Namsai, stopped at Chowkham (Golden Pagoda), Wakro and Parasuram Kund. Wakro to the Kund is app 16 kms from where Tezu is about 2 hours drive. U see road after we left RKM Deomali - green forests. Some where close by on a road construction project spotted the first Bangladeshi of the yatra. My guide said they are very easy to spot by virtue of their dress (lungi), color and dialect.

After driving for about two hours and before we entered the tea gardens of Assam was this spot. Lush green. Homes are made in local style - this one is touching the ground. Homes that we saw before this were on stilts - about 2 feet above the ground. Hay keeps homes cool. Right of pic end of hut u see a Tata Sky Dish Antenna. Shortly after this we entered Digboi, Assam. Saw some coal mines and lots of tea gardens as we headed to Namsai.

Another tribal home. Walls are made of bamboo. Some cover the bamboo wall with a paste of cow dung or cement plaster. Beyond their home was kms of rice fields, very green and scenic. I wanted to click a family pic of mother, father, daughter to showcase dress but the young girl did not want to be clicked. Met Assamese girls who were going to school - none wanted to be clicked. As I realized later my mistake - would ask for permission to click which never came. Later on just clicked, if they protested too much would delete pic.

Enroute within Assam saw these ladies have a mid day chat. The structure is a place to relax and have meals. It also gives them an overview of the fields. On the instructions of his father Parsuram killed his Mother. He was told that the only way to wash off his sins was by taking a dip in Brahmakund. Only then would the axe that was stuck to his hand drop. Parsuram ultimately came to Bramakund and made a passage for the kund to come out by digging in the banks of Brahmakund. The spot where the axe dropped from his hand came to be known as Parasuramkund. To know more Click Here

From the main road take a small diversion, steep climb to reach the car parking area of temple. From there walk up a bit to reach temple and Sadhu quarters. On right of of pic is 82 year old Swamiji of temple - he came here from Benaras in 1962 and been here since then. On left of pic is a Sadhu from Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, centre is me. On Makar Sankranti day the kund attracts thousands of devotees from all over India esp. South India. A mela (fair) is held during this period.

Kund is at the bottom of the hill - there are paived steps with railing as you see. Every devotee who comes there is offered tea and if required food. There are resting rooms for devotees mostly occupied during Makar Sankranti Mela. About 70,000 devotees took dip at Kund in 2013 Click To View

U are expected to wear a cloth whilst having a dip in the kund and then throw it away in the river. U shall see me in one later. It is quite a steep descent and then climb. Pic of Lohit river. Area is very green. Parasuram Kund is situated within the Kamlang Reserve Forest Area. It is surrounded by dense forest of Rudraksha trees, the fruit of which is considered sacred by ascetics and devotees.

Another view of the paved walk. This place on the Lohit river has a strong link with Sage Parsurama. According to the Kalki Purana, the Srimad Bhagavat and Mahabharata, Sage Parsurama washed away his sin of matricide in the waters of the Lohit River at Brahmakund. To know more Click Here

A view of the bridge across the Lohit river. A mini hydro power plant is being made slightly ahead of this. Hope it does not destroy Parasuram Kund and the forests in this area. We drove on this bridge, through the hills to reach Tezu. There is a hotel just before the bridge where you get food, can stay.

We were told to take a dip in the waters of river Lohit, pray to our parents. Then we prayed at the Kund as you shall see in the next picture. U see sprinkling water on myself. Note water is gushing at great speed. From a river rafting perspective very good rapids.

U see me praying at the Kund. Water flows through the mountains into river Rohit. Devotees are to wear a cloth like this when taking a dip in the river. It is available at the temple. After the pray threw the cloth into the river as is the tradition. To see video of visit to the Kund Click Here

There is a temple there which has an image of Sage Parsurama ie what you see. On return from the Kund Swamiji gave us lovely chai and an open invitation to spend a few days with him, said rooms there and food is Satvic. Consider myself blessed to visit Parasuram Kund. Friend and guide during trip P G Dodum, a local too was very very happy since he had never been here before. To see pics of Golden Pagoda at Chowkham Click Here

U see women plucking tea leaves. This pic is taken during drive from Dibrugarh to Tinsukia both in Assam. Loved seeing acres and acres of tea gardens. The people who pluck are called Adivasis - basically the British brought them from Jharkhand/Bihar in the 20th century and they have lived here ever since. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click Here

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