Kargil Memorial

By Aroona Bhat aroona.bhat@gmail.com | 2010

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As you near DRASS this is the what you get to see etched on the hills to your right.

Walking towards the Vijay Path. In front of you is the TOLOLING Hills. This is how close the inflitrators came into Bharat.

That’s TIGER HILLS. What a brave fight our valient soldiers put up to shove the untrustworthy enemies, who broke all records of decency.

A close up of Tiger Hill

At the entrance of the memorial in honour of Operation Vijay

A saga of courage

A tribute from Shri Amitabh BACHCHAN

In Lt Vijayant Thapar`s memory. HE was the undisputed Hero of the Kargil War

Captured articles, found from enemies hideout

More articles

India Today`s article

Clippings from the TRIBUNE

Prayers before the assault to recapture TOLOLING

Post the capture of TOLOLING

Capture of TIGER HILLS

During the battle - connecting with families through Satellite phones

One of the bombs fired at the enemy. It was aptly titled from Raveena Tandon to Nawaz Sharif

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