Rezang La War Memorial

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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1. Overview of Rezang La War Memorial Chushul in Ladakh. "114 brave men of the 13th Kumaon Regiment’s Charlie company made the supreme sacrifice fighting the invading Chinese at Rezang La pass at 16000 feet." This epic battle called the ‘last stand’ when every soldier fought to his last breath was led by the legendary Major Shaitan Singh Bhati (IC 7990) of Jodhpur Rajasthan."

2. Drove from Chushul to Rezang La. First stopped to pay respects at the Chushul War Memorial that you see. In August it was windy and chilly, imagine what the weather must be in the winters.

3. Within that is the Gorkha Memorial in memory of the martyrs of Sirijap Chushul Battles in October November 1962. Pranams to the brave sons of India.

4. Within that is a Role of Honour, Battle of Chushul. Names are NK Pritam Singh, L/Nk Sarwan Singh, GNR (TA) Gurdip Singh, GNR (OWA) Surjit Singh. Rededicated to all the martyrs of Tera Field Regiment on the occasion of the completion of 60 glorious years in service to the nation.

5. In Chushul it was from this room that General T N Raina controlled operations during the 1962 war. It is being spruced up as a memory.

6. Opposite entrance to the Rezang La War Memorial is AHIR DHAM. This is an overview, gives you a sense of the terrain.

7. AHIR DHAM. Please read the inscription at bottom of pic. Homage stone was laid on 16 September 1993 by Lt Col V P Singh, Commanding Officer 13 Kumaon Regiment and sons of Rezang La Martyrs. Ahirs are from Haryana.

8. Overview of Rezang La War Memorial.

9. Entrance to memorial with national flag in the centre.

10. About the Battle of Rezang La. To read more about battle Click here

11. Hill that you see at end of pic ie second one is Rezang La. "Few events in the annals of heroism can match this. C Company gave its all to defend Chushul, a small Ladakhi village, which for one brief moment in our history came to symbolise India’s national honour. " To read very good article about the battle Click here

12. Please read and digest.

13. In Memory of those who made the Supreme Sacrifice so that we, the people of India can live in peace.

14. Next 2 pics offer a side view so get a sense of terrain. Offering respects to the great soldiers of 13 Kumaon. To see pics of War Memorial Tawang Click here

15. Pranams to the great soldiers of 13 Kumaon. Person on right gave a short talk on what happened in 1962. It was motivating and made me proud of these brave sons of India. To see pics of War Memorial Raniket Click here

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