Foreign funds to NGOs- Why better scrutiny is needed FCRA Report 2008-09

Largest donor countries are USA  Rs 3,433 crs, Germany Rs 1,103 crs, UK Rs 1,131 crs, Italy Rs 547 crs,  Netherlands Rs 513 crs and Spain Rs 437 crs.

The top three donor countries are  USA, Germany, and UK for many years now. The U.S. is consistently the top  donor.

Inspite of the economic downturn  in the U.S. and U.K., rise in unemployment continued contributions from these  countries might be considered noteworthy. Donors should usually look at the  needs of their own countrymen first before worrying about others!

Readers must be aware that most  Germans pay some sort of a tax to the Church. Is there a correlation between  tax paid and inflows into India is an issue worth pondering over.

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